Work and Play is an upcoming short due for release in 2019. It will be the thirteenth short in Adventures on Rails.

Work and Play
Season B, Episode 13
Air date March 2019
Written by MainLineEngines
Directed by MainLineEngines
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The Fat Controller acquires another engine to help out with the heavy workload on his railway.


Gordon, James, Toby, David and Mavis are also likely to appear.

Characters Introduced

  • Jessie - An 'Austerity' Tank Engine who comes to help out on Thomas's Branch Line.
  • Jessie's Owner - Current owner and Driver of Jessie after purchasing her in 1980.


  • This short takes place in 1994, a year after the events of Wilbert the Forest Engine and will conclude in 2003-4.
  • The format of this will be Railway Series styled with four stories comprising the short and a foreword at the beginning.