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Engine Bios

There are 9 engines belonging to the Mystic River Traction Company Railway. these are there bio's.


Lincoln is a Harmony tender class 0-4-2 he is painted pine green with gold lining.

Lincoln was the first engine to work on the Mystic River Traction Company Railway. He is now old and whise.

And holds a secret crush on Jen.


Jen is a Ivatt GNR Steam Rail Motor Coach, built from 1905-1906. She is painted in GNR's colors.

She was the second engine sent to work on the MRTCR. Jen is kind, sweet, and wont take any nonsence from the others. She can also get above herself.


Anna was sent to the railway when Lincoln was having an overhual.

She is a SR V class originally yellow with green lining and a 0-4-4 now red with emarld yellow lining and a 0-6-2. She was not liked by Jen when she first arived but after rescueing Jen from an rock slide she has since befriended her.

Anna has a crush on Joe.


Joe is a Sacre (GCR Class 12AM) 2-4-0T with red paint and blue lining.

Joe was sent to the railway to fetch the coaches for the engines. He is cheecky but kind, at first Jen had doubts on what he could do, but has since then grone to respect him.


Scott is a Neilson 0-4-0 box tank with yellow and green lining.

When he first arived Jen and Anna thought he was ugly due to his shape and often made rude remarks about him, It wasent until later they saw that no matter how ugly you are, you are still verry usefull.

He has a strong Irish acent, But is verry kind. Unless you get him mad.


Maxwell is silver with maroon lining. He is a LNER Class N4 0-6-2 tender engine.

He was snet to the railway to shunt the freight cars into there proper sideings. At first Anna thought that shunting was below her level and insulted him for doing shunting saying that tender engines don't shunt, but after seeing how well he managed she started to think that he was verry usefull.


Glenda is a Lively Polly 0-4-0, with purple and maroon lining.

When she arived to the Railway she was mocked by the others for being small in size often she would cry at night cause of this mocking. But later proved that it does not matter about size, just how realy usefull you are.

She is hot headed and has a crush on Scott.


Neil is a T.W. Worsdell Y7 (NER Class H) 0-4-0 Shunters. He is blue with yellow lining.

He has strong maners and language but working in a Foundery can do that to you. He is a hard worker.


Teresa is a BR Class 08 0-6-0. She is also purple but with gold lining.

When she arived she was outcasted by Jen, Glenda, and Anna cause she was a diesel. But after saveing Jen, She has since then been welcomed by the three engines.

She is cheeky, and brave.


Delete is based on LNER Thompson B1 'Oliver Bury'. Delete is painted green with gold, purple, and red lining.

When he first arrived on the railway, the others didn't think much of him. Until they learned of his history. He is a hard working and careing engine. Mainly he watches out for Teresa.


Stella is a BR Class 10. She was saved from scrap by the MRTCR's Controller. She is now a proud member of the railway. She used to wear the British Railway colors, but is now painted in The MRTCR'S colors.

My fanfics

here is some fanfics of mine, also with introductions to some characters.


Human Thomas and Friends Mysteries Book 27, Part 1

"What did you say those trees were called again, Edward?" asked Percy. He and the others were taking an airplane trip to Hawaii to enjoy themselves. Their controller had allow them to go on their own since they were responable enough.

"They're called palm trees Percy," replied Edward from the seat in front of him. "It says that some on them have coconuts on them."

"Is there one who is as nutty as Percy?" asked Thomas cheekily. Percy looked very upset.

"Don't worry Percy," said Duck, who was sitting behind Percy. "Thomas is only being cheeky."

Percy wiped a tear from his usual green shirt, turned around, and smiled at Duck. He could always count on a good friend to trust him.

Gordon looked up from the magazine he was reading. He had a frown on his face. "Remember the hotel we're staying in for the rest of this month?" he asked. "Well, I've read that it could be haunted."

"Haunted?" Percy repeated nervously. He looked scared.

James opened his eyes, yawned, and then turned around in his seat to face Percy. "That's a bunch of coal and water Percy, there are no such things as ghosts!"

Emily was in the seat in from him and scowled. "You better not be teasing Percy," she scolded. "If you are, then I shall - "

Henry, who was by the window seat, interrupted her. "Come on you guys," he protested. "It's only the first day in May. We should feel happy that we only got four months before school backs up in September."

Gordon nodded. "Henry's right, you guys. Once we get in Hawaii, there shall be no talk of ghosts until we have all settled ourselves down. Sounds fair?"

"Yes Gordon," all twelve members said at once. And they talk about other things for the rest of the trip. Soon there plane landed on the runway.

"Welcome to Hawaii, guys" said Edward as they got off there plane.

They went through Customs, and found there transportation waiting.

"You Thomas and Friends?" asked the driver.

"Yes" said Thomas.

"Then hop on in my bus, the Hotel owner is waiting for you" said the driver.

So they got in and they were soon on the road.

"Something wrong, Toby?" asked Edward.

"Why would the owner be waiting for us?" Questioned Toby.

"Don't know" said Emily.

"I just want to get to my hotel room" sniffed Rosie.

"Will get there soon enough" said Gordon.

Soon they pulled up to the hotel, and got off.

"Thomas and friends?" said a man.

"Who are you?" asked Henry.

"Names Cliff I'm the servant to the owner, he sent me to show you to your rooms" said the Servant.

So they followed him into the Hotel, as they went along Thomas looked up and saw a shadowy figure staring at them through a window, he felt a bit of fear.

"These are the boys rooms, and the girls room is right across the hall" said Cliff.

"Thanks" said Thomas.

Then an old man came up.

"Who are you?" asked Emily.

"This is Jeff, he's are caretaker here" said Cliff.

"Nice to meet ya" said Jeff.

Before Jeff set off.

"Oh, may I remind you to lock your doors and windows at night" said Jeff.

"Why?" asked Percy.

"So the ghost does not get ya" said Jeff.

"Ghost!" exclaimed Percy.

"Yes, we are haunted by a ghost, 50 years ago when this place first opened there was an acident, a man staying at the hotel fell and drowned in the pool, he has since haunted the hotel" sighed Cliff.

"Well guys lets get to bed it's late" said Henry.

As the boys were getting ready, so were the girls.

"Rosie please behave while were here" said Emily.

"I will try, but I make no promises" said Rosie.

Soon they were all asleep. At 12:00am however Emily started to feel cold.

"I know I shut the window" yawned Emily.

But what she saw made her shake, a few feet from Emily's bed was one of those tables with a mirror on it, she shok Rosie. Rosie was soon awake.

"Why did you have to wake me up" she groaned.

Then she saw what Emily was seeing.

"Go get the others" said Emily.

So she went to get the boys soon they were there.

"Whats wrong?" said Edward.

He then saw the mirror.

"There is a message written in the mirror" said Edward.

"Can you read it, Thomas" asked Gordon.

"Sure" said Thomas.

So Thomas started to read it.

"This is a warning if you do not leave the place by noon tomorrow, you will suffer terribly.


The Phantom Ghost"

All but Edward were quiet.

"Well Gang, it looks like we stumbled onto another mystery" said Edward.

"lets worry about it tomorrow, I want to go back to sleep" said Duck.

"Ducks right, night girls" said Henry as the boys went back to there rooms.

The next morning.

"Lets go speak to Jeff" said Edward.

"Ok, I just hope he can explain a little more about what has been going on at this Hotel" said Oliver.

Soon they found Jeff.

"Oh, hello, what do you guys want?" asked Jeff.

"Tell us about the weird hauntings going on here" said Edward.

"It's the ghost that is..." then there was a scream.

"What was that?!" exclaimed Percy.

"It came from the pool" said Jeff.

When the got to the pool they gasped.

"Is that a pool full of Blood" shivered Emily.

Edward went over and touched the pool water.

"It aint blood, it's red food coloring" said Edward.

"Why is there red food coloring in this pool?" asked Gordon.

"Lets see if Jeff knows" said Rosie.

But as they turned around.

"He's gone!" exclaimed Oliver.

This got Edward thinking.

"Lets see if the owner has any info on the happenings going on here" said James.

Human Thomas and Friends Mysteries Book 27, Part 2

"Good idea James" said Rosie.

As they were about to leave a voice came.

"Thomas and friends inc, this is your last warning, leave this place and never return" said the voice.

"Says who" snapped Emily.

"Says the Phantom ghost" said the voice.

The voice died out.

"Guys I'm calling in some help" said Edward.

"Who you calling?" asked Gordon.

"A well known name, Mystery inc" said Edward.

"Mystery Inc.!" exclaimed Emily.

So he called them. A few seconds later.

"Alright see you soon" said Edward hanging up the phone.

"What they say?" asked Gordon.

"They are willing to help us" said Edward.

Then the lights went out, they heard Rosie scream, when the lights came on she was gone.

"What just happened?" asked Thomas.

"Don't know, but we need to find Rosie" said Duck.

"Well, lets wait till Mystery inc. arrives" said Henry.

Soon they were there.

"So you Edward?" asked Fred.

"Yep" said Edward.

So he told them about what happened so far.

"Zoinks" said Shaggy.

"They do need are help, badly" said Velma.

"All right gang were should we start?" asked Fred.

"We were heading to see the hotel owner and ask him about what is going on" said Oliver.

"That's a good place to start" said Velma.

"Ok, Daphne, Oliver, Emily, Duck, your with me, Velma you take the rest to start searching for there friend" said Fred.

"Right, Fred" said Velma.

"Alright gang, set out" said Fred.

So Fred took his group to the owners office. Soon they were there.

"Sorry to hear about your friend, I've been trying to capture that thing" said the Owner.

"What do you mean?" asked Fred.


"Rosie!" called Toby.

As they searched, the lights went out, when they came back on they gasped.

"I warned you to leave, and now your friend will suffer" said the Phantom.

"Were did you take her!" snapped James.

"I will never tell" said the Phantom.

The lights cut out and when Velma turned them back on the phantom was gone.

"Well that gave us nothing" said Gordon.

"Lets keep looking" said Velma.

Back in the office.

"There is something I can't figure out" said the Owner.

"What?" asked Emily.

"When ever that 'phantom' or what ever it is around, Jeff can't be found" said the Owner.

"Who is Jeff?" asked Fred.

"He the caretaker here at the Hotel, he's been here since the place opened 50 years ago" said the Owner.

"That's a long time" said Duck.



Thomas as Pappy Drewitt

Duke as Grandpappy

Fearless Freddie as Elmer

The Breakdown train Crane as Binky

Rosie as Lily

Post van as Mailbird

S.C Ruffy as Sing-a-Song Sam

Henry as Buddy Bear

Billy as Chucky Woodchuckles

No.2 and Smudger as Pumpkin Pop and Pumpkid

Oliver asTurtle Lou

Charlie as Doodlebug

Diesel as Fishface

Edward as Snacker Jack

Toad as Uncle Tony

Spencer as Donkey Dan

Lady as Rosie Raabe

A Snowy Day

Autumn was changeing the leaves from green to light brown and the fields were changeing from yellow stubble to brown earth. Just as Rosie puffed along, she heard the chug, chug, chug, of Terrance the Tractor hard at work. One fine day, she stoped at a signal close by.

"Hello there," said Terrence, "Im plowing"

"Im Rosie, i'm pulling a train, what ugly wheels you got" said Rosie.

"there not ugly, they,re caterpillers, I can go anywere, i dont need Rails"

"I don't wanna go Anywhere," said Rosie. "I like my rails thank you."

Winter came with darks clouds full of snow.

Amber's acident

One fine day on the Island of Sodor, Thomas the Tank Engine was sitting in a siding, waiting for a new engine.

"Where is she?"

Thomas wondered.

"We have to pull a freight train and she's making us late!"

Finally, the new engine arrived.

"Sorry I'm late"

she apologized.

"We had a bit of a problem with some sheep who had broken out of the their pasture and onto the track!

"Cant help that" he said.

Anyway, my name is Amber. I'm very sorry that I made us late."

"Well, we have to make up for lost time so get coupled up and I'll meet you at the station," said Thomas; annoyed.

Amber looked rather offended, but said nothing and chuffed away. Soon, they were both coupled up and ready to leave. The stationmaster waved his flag and blew his whistle and off they went.

Amber marveled at the beautiful countryside and smiled during every second of the ride. Thomas, however was very grumpy and kept shouting 'Go faster! Go faster,' but Amber ignored him and kept enjoying the ride.

When they reached their destination, Thomas was grumpier than ever.

"Five minutes late!" called the conductor.

"This is all your fault!" Thomas said to Amber. "You were too busy looking around when you should have been speeding along."

"Listen, Thomas, if those sheep hadn't broken out of their pasture, then we both could have been on time. So don't blame me."

"I don't want to talk to you." said Thomas.

"Sme here!"

she said, angrily. Then, she stormed away.

"Good riddance," thought Thomas.

The next day, Amber had to take a small freight train through a mountain tunnel that was under construction. She had to be very careful, for the rock on one side of the tunnel was so weathered and thin and old that it had crumbled away, leaving only the wooden supports; the only thing that kept the tunnel from collapsing. The workmen had put up a tarp to keep people, engines and equipment from falling over the edge.

Soon it was time for Amber to leave. She had never taken freight cars seriously so she was sadly in for a grand surprise.

"Off we go," she called to the freight cars.

During their journey, she constantly had to yell at them to make them behave. The freight cars finally got so fed up with this that they hatched a plan. Finally, they reached the tunnel. As they approached it, the freight cars suddenly started pushing against Amber to make her go faster than she was supposed to.

"No! Stop!" Amber cried. But it was no use. She kept going faster and faster until she finally derailed right in the middle of the tunnel. She ripped through the tarp, and shut her eyes as she fell over the edge, and rolled down the mountain.

Back at the sheds, Thomas got word of the trouble.

"Oh no!" he thought. "She may have made us late, but there was no reason for me to yell at her, I have to help." And with that, he chuffed to the scene as fast as he could go.

In the meantime, at the tunnel, Amber was feeling terrible. She had tumbled down the mountain at top speed and, though it had only been falling a few minute, she felt she had been falling for hours and that she had fallen from the top of the mountain rather than the middle.

"Help!" she called weakly.

Thomas finally reached the line at the bottom of the mountain. There, battered and dented, but not completely destroyed, lay Amber with a rather ugly expression on her face.

"I am so glad to see you alive." said Thomas.

"Could you please get someone to help me?" she asked, angrily.

"Of course I will," said Thomas, kindly.

Soon, Amber and her tender were up on a flat bed and Donald and Douglas were ready to leave for the works.

"Will get ye there in no time" said Donald.

"I'm sorry that I was rude to you," Thomas said before she left.

"It's alright," said Amber. "And after all, we can start again when I get back. Can't we Thomas?"

"That's right," said Thomas.

So when she did return they both were great friends.


Lilly's Flower

1) Lost in the woods

Mina Flowerear was as calm as can be as she walked down the trail, hoping not to run into Hannah, Hayley and Grace , the bullies at her school. Unfortunately, she did and while running away from them, Mina lost herself in the trails that led into the woods they were about to hit her when they herd a chainsaw.

Hannah for once was scared, "What is that sound?!"

Haley screeched, "Look!!"

They saw someone with a chainsaw running at them.

Hannah yelped, "Oh Sh*t lets get out of here."

They all ran and Mina tripped over her own feet as the person got closer, Mina cried which soaked her gold jeans with tears thinking that she was going to be killed. Mina's black shirt was torn on the short sleeves, making her look like a wreck she started to ask for her life.

"Please don't kill me" Mina weeped.

"What are you talking about?"

Mina turned around. A boy with long black hair was staring at her with blue eyes. He wore a black t-shirt with gold on the neck and ends of the sleeves, black jeans and red tennis shoes. On his shoulder there was a jacket with the number 51 in silver on it and he was holding a chainsaw.

"Eep!" Mina yelped as she jumped away from the boy.

"Girl! Yukkuri Shite Ne! (Take it easy!)" the boy said.

Mina was terrified. She squeaked, "Who are you?!"

2) New Friends and New Life

He held out Mina's silver jacket with a black 251 on it and said, "Mina, I'm Hiro."

Mina was even more terrified now. "How do you know my name?!"

Hiro sighed, "I saw you running from three girls and they were shouting your name."

"They are Hannah, Haley, and Grace. I get bullied because I am from Japan and I talk kinda weird." she said with a thick Japanese accent.

"You may be surprised but I am also from Japan," Hiro said, glad he wasn't the only kid from Japan, as his small accent revealed.

Mina got an idea, "Do you want to be friends and find a way out of here?"

Hiro answered, "Sure, and when we get out of here could I live with you? I have no home to live in".

Mina blushed bright red, "Sure Hiro. I have to ask were did you find that chainsaw?"

"Oh this is mine. I use it to survive here." Hiro said blankly.

After about 2 hours they found the path out of the woods.

Mina sighed, "Finally! Lets go."

As they ran, Mina noticed that Hiro ran inhumanly fast. Soon they were out of the woods.

Mina looked at the street not far away. "Now, time for us to head back to my house." She said, relived.

Hiro said as they walked in, "Mina thanks for letting me stay with you."

Mina called into the almost empty house. "Mom! I'm home!"

Mina's Mom, Kiki walked to the door, "Who is that?"

Mina hated this little 'test', "His name is Hiro and he is from Japan like us, I found him in the woods all cause those Three Bullies chased me and made me get lost in the woods."

Kiki laughed, "Looks like he could use some food. Where were you Hiro?"

"I was stuck in the woods outside the park."

Mina asked, "How did you get there?"

"I was walking on the trail, when I strayed off of it and got lost in the woods. That was about 3 years ago," Hiro said and then added, "It sucked."

"Mom, could Hiro live with us until he finds a home?" Mina was scared of what the answer would be.

Kiki didn't care "All right, he can stay with us".

Mina did a fist pump, "Yes!!!!"

Hiro wondered, "Could I go to school with you?"

Mina was happy, "If you do could you help me if I get bullied."

"Tell me 'bout 'em."

So Mina and Hiro went up to her room, and they sat on her bottom bunk, Mina explaining everything about The -Trio, Hannah, Haley, and the harmless Grace.

Hiro felt bad for Grace, "She was forced into the Group? Dang this is worse than my old school!"

Mina was shocked to hear that. "Well," she said, "why?"

Hiro sighed, "Well, there were 3 girls from this country came to my school. They bullied the guys because of our stronger accents than most others, and also they did not want to be friends or anything. I actually ran here for a reason!"

Mina was stunned, and shakily asked, "What were their names?"

"There was Rosie, their leader, Emily she was the beauty of the group, and then Mavis who was the groups enfocer. They hated us and I could swear they wanted to kill me!"

Mina was happy when she told Hiro why Hannah was a complete screw up. "Here is why Hannah acts like a bully, she cant get a boyfriend and finds it unfair that other girls have a boyfriend but her."

Hiro though as he laid down, 'To see if I am guessing right, Mina has to free her lover no matter what. But when, and who?"'

2.5) Hiro tells a story

Hiro was bombarded with a pillow a few minutes after they had laid down.

"Mina, what?!" he nearly yelled.

"You never told me how you and the 3 Girls met!" she frowned, and went back to hitting him with her pillow, "Tell me!"

"Now? Mina really, are you going to torture me until I tell you?"


Hiro's long hair fell across his face as he sat up, and Mina cuddled next to him, who held her close.

  • Start Flashback*

It was a normal day for the kids at the Japan Middle and High school. (5th-12th)

Hiro headed to the Library, where he spent his free day (Wednesday) reading his book on the Warriors and Ancient Egypt. He would sometimes wonder who held that darn flower he found.

Rosie, Emily and Mavis, however, tried to find him every day.

Mark, Hiro's friend, was walking around, when Rosie and the rest came up.

Rosie asked sweetly, "Hey boy, do you know where anyone named Hiro is?"

Mavis added, "Rosie needs to talk with him, about something important."

Mark looked at the two and didn't trust them, "Well, I know him, but he never told me where he stays."

"SPILL!" Emily demanded.


"Well then should I stomp on your head, or beat you senseless" Mavis said.

"Okay! My only hint is that he likes to read. Nothing else I know about him."

Mavis then grabbed him by the hem of his shirt, she was stern.

"If you are wrong, we will find you and give you the worst beating of your life." Mavis sneered, and released her grip on him. All three of them headed for the Library.

"Oh Boy," Mark thought, "Hiro better be ready for a fight!"

Hiro looked out the window from the corner of the room.

He wondered, "Why is the girl in pink asking my friends where I am? Is she trying to kill me or something?"

Rosie saw him pull out a pink flower from his pocket.

Rosie walked in, along with her friends. All the guys looked at Hiro, who knew they were after him.

Hiro was unfazed, "Yeesh! They really need to change their appearance more."

Rosie leaned down near him, "So who is it for?"

Hiro narrowed his eyes, "What?"

"The pink flower you carry around. Spill it Hiro Tuskurari. Now." Mavis answered.

Hiro looked at the globe across the room, as he suddenly knew where to take the flower, "A girl in America."

Rosie gasped, "No! No girls in the U.S.A accept people like you!"

Hiro smirked as he stood up, "What if it wasn't for affection, Rosie. That is not the only thing flowers can stand for, now is it?"

He gave them the Bird and roundhouse kicked all three in the gut, then ran off to go and get signed out but was chased by The Girls.

Rosie just about yelled, "We can not let him get away."

"America, here I come!" he thought as he saw his mother smiling at her 11 year old he got into their car and drove off.

Rosie was angry, "You let him get away!!!!"

Emily and Mavis said in unison "Sorry Rosie."

Both of them knew that when Rosie was angry one of them would get hit.

"Please don't hit us Rosie", Emily begged.

Rosie was ticked, "Now how can we get to him?!?!"

Mavis smiled evilly, "Simple, we just head back to America."

"What are you talking about?" asked Emily.

"You see if he is heading to America we should trap him there". said Mavis

"You find where?" she asked.

He nodded.


  • End Flashback*

Mina was amazed, "Wow!"

Hiro smiled, "Now. Just. Friggen. Sleep."

"Time for school in 8 hours."

Hiro looked at the clock, "Actually 7."


So it was arranged, the day after the next, Hiro went to school with Mina. When they got there they saw Hannah, Haley, and Grace. Hiro smirked and walked past them with Mina holding his hand.

"Well ,Well, Well look what we have here!" Haley chuckled, "Mina has a stupid friend!!!!!"

Grace was worried about her friends, so she whispered to Haley, "I heard he has a fiery temper. Don't tick him off!"

"Shut up!" Haley whispered back.

Hannah thought Hiro was a girl, so she asked, "She must be the new student. Right?"

Hiro knew this was a common mistake, so he flipped his hair and said, "For your information I am a MAN!!"

Hannah, Haley and Grace were shocked.

Hannah blew air in Hiro's face and just as she turned her back to him he round house kicked her in the back.

"Come on girls, lets leave these two alone." Hannah groaned.

The group of 3 bullies started walking away. Everyone stared in shock. They had heard that Hiro was fiery, and they didn't want to meet him like THAT!

Hiro scoffed, wanting to make her mad, "You're complete morons from what I see."

Hannah dropped her jaw and swore revenge as she turned around, "What did you say to us?"

"I think he said that we were the M word." Haley stated bluntly.

Grace wasn't allowed to say words like moron, so she asked, "MeowMix?"


"I will get you Hiro! Just wait!!" Hannah yelled.

Hannah fumed away followed by a really mad Haley. Grace didn't follow.

Everyone stared in shock.

As everyone went back to their lockers, Grace looked at Hiro and said, "Sowwie, but I tried to stop them."

Hiro understood what she meant. As he knelt down to her level, he said, "I know, and next time they come after me, you can help me."

"How?" Grace asked.

"Whatever they will do, tell me so I can avoid it. Okay?" Hiro said in a completely different voice than 2 minutes ago

Grace felt happier, "Otay!!!!!"

He watched as Grace ran off to catch the 2 bullies.

Mina looked at Hiro as he stood up, "This will be one eventful year."

Hiro sighed, "Yep, no kidding."

4) Grace Is Breaking The Rules

It was soon lunch and while Mina and Hiro were across the room, Haley and Hannah were planning revenge. Grace was just intent listening, and trying to think of something to get The Trio back

Hannah said in a dark voice, "Ok Haley, let me hear something that we can do to Hiro, and how to keep Mina out of it.

Haley murmured, "I don't have any ideas."

"You're the revenge planner!" Hannah said, angrily

Haley defended, "I haven't dealt with someone like Hiro before I just don't know what trick is useable, and besides principle said one mire trick like the Mud slosh trick all three of us will be out of this school."

"Why in the hell did you have to bring that up?" wined Hanna.

Principle Yun came over to the three, but looked at Grace kindly, because he had heard Hiro talking with her. Grace smiled. Yun looked at them all crossly. "What are you three doing?"

Hannah said thoughtfully, "We are trying to figure out how to say sorry to Mina for that mud slosh that we covered her in, Mr. Yun."

Haley knowing she would have to think of something small said, "We are thinking about apologizing and then leaving her alone."

"Better not be planning any tricks cause remember what I said." Yun warned.

Grace pretended to be scared and worried, "Oh please not that!"

Yun finished as he walked away, "Then no tricks or plans on Hiro or Mina."

Hannah cheered, "Yes sir!"

"What should we do leader?" Haley asked.

Hannah snorted, "We attack the he/she after school."

Grace said by initials, "WTF!? HE/SHE?!"

Hannah nearly yelled, "What I mean is that you can't tell his gender by looking at him! We will attack him with our fists, see how he really is at fighting."

"Do you mean beat him up?" Haley asked.

Hannah said blankly, "Yes."

Grace wanted to warn Mina about this too, so she thought and said, "What if we have Mina watch by tying her to a tree? I brought rope to school."

Hannah smiled and patted Grace on the head, "I like the way you 4th graders think."

Later before school was over Grace went to see Hiro during class change. She told him all about it.

Hiro said thoughtfully, "Ok I got you. I am thinking about fighting back, because I actually fought 3 girls, and then 5 more at my old school. Can you tell them to tick me off though?"

Grace smiled, "Ok, something like, 'Wow! She looks so WEAK! I bet we can pummel her in no time!'"

Hiro smirked evilly, "Heck yeah!"

Grace gave him a high five, and walked away, making sure not to be seen by Hannah.

Hiro went to tell Mina.

Mina's POV (Point of view)

"WHAT!" I said.

Yeah, that was what just happened to come out of my mouth when the final bell rang.

"Hiro! You know that we'll get in trouble! You especially!!!" I said to him, outraged.

"CALM DOWN!" I heard from Hiro, "I talked with Mr. Yun, and he said it was fine. Go outside, and let Grace tie you up. She will make sure you can get out of it, OK?"

I nodded yes.

Time for action.

5) Revenge Foiled By A...... WHAT?!?!?!Edit

Grace had went over the new ideas that she got from Hiro. Here is a overview of the plan in Hannah's eyes: 1.Grace ties Mina to the tree before Hiro comes out. 2.Grace then ticks Hiro off. 3.Hannah and Haley attack him. 4.Mina screams for help and the Trio runs off after pwning Hiro.

race had just got Mina tied up, and ran for cover as Hiro walked out, without his book bag, due to no homework.

"Hiro! Get me outta here!!!!" Mina yelped.

Hiro was about to run when Grace came out.

She scoffed, "WOW!!! Look at this Hannah and Haley! SHE looks SOOOO weak! I bet you two can take HER out!"

Hiro was ticked, call him a girl once more and you're doomed.

Grace ran and stood by Mina as Hiro growled, "Now you've got me ticked!"

A small gem was on his hand, it glew a dark black, slowly covering Hiro. Then, a roar of pain came from the school's main doors, and he was replaced with a animal.

The animal was a sleek black wolf, with blood red eyes, and gold lining on his ears, paws and tail.

Hannah and Haley were amazed and frightened. The two ran off and went straight home.

The wolf smirked and went over to Mina.

"EEP!" Mina screeched, "A WOLF!"

6) Lilly's FlowerEdit

"R?" Hiro said, confused on why she was so scared.

"If you are wondering why I'm scared, you are a FREAKING WOLF!" Mina yelled. 

Hiro walked over and bit the rope, wanting to show he wasn't mean, and Mina was free. 

Grace looked at her watch and frowned, "Guys, I have to go home, Bye!"

She ran off fast, leaving only a wolf and Mina, sitting in the school's grove of trees. 

"So," Mina said, "You wanted to be a wolf and show me a secret?" 

Hiro nodded. He wasn't able to speak in English. 


Hiro shut his eyes and changed back inot a human again. 

"Well," Hiro said, "Will you help me?" 

"How do you expect me to help a wolf?" 

Hiro pulled a small gracidea from his pocket. 

"This is Lilly's Flower, The Flower of the Sky Warrior." 

7) Missing Edit

Mina gasped, "What is so special about this flower?"

"This Gracidea is supposed to be held by the person with the spirit of Lilly, the Sky Warrior. It will turn you into the Lendary Warrior of the Sky and Nature. " 

Mina wondered, "Who is supposed to have it?". 

Hiro sighed, "I don't know. She can hide anywhere." 

That night Hiro and Mina were sleeping Hiro slept on the floor in his wolf form. In the living room Kiki was about to watch some T.V. 

"Lets see whats on." 

(Theme to Unsolved Mysteries starts) 

"Tonight on Unsolved Mysteries we bring you the story of Hiro Tuskurari. Sari, a 31 year old mother is still trying to find her son after three years, Police say 11 year old Hiro was reported missing when he did not return home that night. Strangely this happened a few days after Hiro arrived from The Land Of The Riseing Sun. Join me perhaps you may be able to help solve a mysterie." 

Kiki murmured, "Well can you beat that. Sari Tuskurari lost Hiro....... 3 years ago." 

The next morning Mina got up and pet Hiro, when her mom called her. 

Kiki shouted, "Mina could you come into the living room." 

"Sure mom!" Mina then said to Hiro, "I'll be back!" 

When she made it into the living room, Kiki told Mina about what she saw. 

"NO FAIR!!!," she pouted. "I finally have a boy at my house and now he has to leave." 

Kiki frowned, "I did say he could stay with us until he finds a home." 

Mina whined, "But I wanted to figure out who held that Gracidea." 

Mina went to go get Hiro, but he was gone. 

8) Lilly's Spirit ReturnsEdit

"Where did he go?"

Then she saw a note. 

Dear Mina,

I'd hate to let you know that we have Hiro and the special flower. What is so special about it anyway?!

If you want to see him alive, yes we will go as far as to kill him, come to the old workout center on 23rd street. I can't find his gem!!!!!!

Hatefully, Hannah, Haley, and Grace.

Mina was shocked, "Mom you might want to look at this!" 

Kiki read the note and gasped, "Hannah and Haley have gone too far!"

Mina was determined "I'll go get him." 

She grabbed the gem on the floor and left. By the time she got there Hannah, Haley, were sleeping with Grace trying to find the gem. Then she saw Hiro in his wolf form, and he was in a cage. 

Mina said to herself, "Mina you can do this." 

She ran to the cage. 

Mina whispered kindy, "Don't worry Hiro. You'll be out soon." 

Hiro whimpered softly. 

Mina gave Hiro his gem. Hiro motioned to the hole on his forehead, where it was supposed to be. 

"I see, you can't put it on. Here." Mina whispered. She put the gem on his forehead. 

Hiro stood up, now human and roundhouse kicked the door. It fell soundlessly. Mina was impressed. 

Grace hushed, "You two better get out of here before they wake up. A spirit put a sleeping spell on them 10 minutes ago." 

Hannah woke up with Haley, "Well good job stopping them Grace." 

Hiro smiled, "Mina hold the flower, I know who Lilly is hiding in." 

When he handed Mina the flower, she started to lift up in the air. 

"WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME HIRO!!!!??" Mina yelled. 

Hiro replied, "MINA! YOU ARE LILLY, THE SKY WARRIOR!!!!"  A bright teal light surrounded her and when it went away she was now the Legendary Warrior of Sky and Nature named Lilly.

Hannah wimpered, "'Am so out of here!"

She ran but was picked up by Lilly.

Lilly had a soft but violent voice, "I do not want to see you hurt Mina or Hiro anymore, or I will send you your after life, got that?"

Hannah sobbed, "Please put me down! I promise we won't do anything!!!"

Haley was shocked, "Are you crying leader?"

Hannah yelled, "So what if I am!"

Lilly smiled, "It's fine. Go on."

She was put down and when she was, all three ran for the hills, another teal light and Mina was back to her own self, and then she floated right into Hiro's arms.

Mina freaked out, "Hiro are you alright?! What happened?"

"I was still resting when they took my gem from my forehead and put me on a leash. I was stuck."

Mina giggled at the thought, and she had to ask Hiro something.

"Hiro? I never had a good friend like you before, and would you be my, erm..... boyfriend?" Mina hid her face from embarrasment.

Hiro smiled, "I'd never leave you. Take that as a complete yes."

"Oh thank you Hiro! Is there any way to bring Lilly to life?"

Hiro sighed, "I don't know."

9) Lilly Spills The StoryEdit

Before Mina could ask they heard police about to come in yelling, "HANNAH HALEY GRACE?! ARE YOU THERE!!??"

"Oh God, this ain't gonna be pretty." Hiro said softly.

He put Mina down and sat, waiting for them to come in.

Once the officers did, one caught Mina, thinking she was Hannah.

Mina screeched at the top of her lungs, "GET OFF OF ME!!!!!!!!!!"

Hiro was grabbed by the arm and yanked up. He gave the officer his "You tick me off one more time, you die" face and yelled, "LEAVE THE FREAKING GIRL ALONE! THATS MINA BAKA!!!!!!!!!! SHE IS THE ONE WHO ACTUALLY GOT ME OUT YOU JERK!"

The man froze, and when he looked back at Mina, he saw Lilly who was smirking, "Hey moron, it's nap time!"

Lilly kicked him off and said "GrassWhistle!"

Everyone started to fall asleep except for Hiro.

Lilly walked over to him and said, "Lets get out of here."

They were only stopped by more officers. Everyone all stared when they saw Lilly.

She was offended, "What are you lookin' at?"

Hiro was approached by an officer and was threatned, "If you don't tell us why Lilly is here, you are headed to jail kiddo."

Lilly snapped, but started calmly, "I am here because of a 14 year old girl named Mina. I decided to reside in her body."

A girl officer stuttered, "How did you change? No one has ever found your flower!!!"

Hiro spoke up, "I did."

Everyone except Lilly said, "WHAT?!"

He repeated, "I did."

Lilly wanted to leave, "It's sleepie time for you all if we can't leave!"

Finally they let them out and Lilly's pink wings let her take flight. Hiro turned into a wolf when they were far away from the center.

"Hiro, I need to tell you and Mina something."

He nodded.

When they got back to Mina's house, William, Mina's father, was there. Hiro was human again, but Lilly was still in control of Mina. William understood Lilly and let her and Hiro inside.

"William, where's Kiki?" she asked.

William sighed, "I'm not sure, but I have to leave for work."

Lilly smiled, "We'll be fine."

He left with a wave.

Lilly gave Mina control of her body again, but she turned into a visible spirit.

"I need to tell you something." she started, "A long time ago, I was fighting in the war against our evil ruler, Teren. He was the once wise and kind king, but he abused his power and the 4 warriors fought him. The Warrior of Time was Sari, The Warrior of Space was Hindi,"

"WHOA!" Hiro cried "Are saying that my MOTHER was/is a Warrior!?"

Lilly coughed, "Yes. Sari must have chosen to reside in your mother. But I miss the third Warrior the most."

Mina gasped, "Who is the third?"

She choked a tear, "It was the Warrior of the Shadows, Josh. He was like my brother, and he completed the form that I needed to defeat Teren. That form was Hyper Type Mode. I had Time in my right flower, Space in my Left, and Shadow in my wings."

"That's upsetting." Mina mused, "Will you ever see him again?"

"I don't know!" Lilly cried.

Suddenly, another spirit appeared.


10) Josh Has Returned, Bad News

"Josh! I could have sworn you said you would see me when there was something bad happening!" Lilly cried, realizing what his presence meant.

"Yeah I know," he said then turned to the kids, "This isn't about Teren and we are gonna talk about some things, you will not get at all."

"Ok!" They both said.

Lilly asked, "So..."

Josh sighed, "The first thing is I'm being chased down by police. That will make this hard. Second, well the Grevs are back, but they're our enemys."

"You mean the towns people?!" Lilly yelled.

Josh cringed, "Yes."

"How could they turn on us?" Lilly asked.

"I don't know. The police are after me cause they thought that I was a monser let loose."

Mina sighed "We're gonna get some sleep since we have school tomorrow."

Josh smiled gravly, "I hope to see you again Mina. Come on Lilly, lets go talk to the orther warriors"

"Right behind you Josh." said Lilly.

Meet Me In The Woods

"So tell me why you decided to reside in Mina." asked Josh.

"Well she was walking along and was being pushed around, and I thought that she would be a good choice as a host, so I flew into her," said Lilly.

"Hindi and Sari, this is Josh I am calling a meeting meet me in 10 minutes deep inside the woods. Right on the middle of the North grid, Sector 8. So the more urgent, the better, half is a Fierce Red Strength. The other is a low green, but needs to be solved."

Hindi was shocked, "I'm comming." 'Fierce Red Strength, I hope it isn't a force like Teren again!" Hindi worried. She used her Space Cut, which took 5 minutes to complete the summon.

"I will meet you there!" Sari said and she used her time speed..

Soon they were all in the woods.

Josh said, "I have called this meeting for two reasons reason 1) I am being hunted by the police, reason 2) The Grevs are back but are enemies."

Sari knew how to solve 1, "Do you have a host yet?"

"I picked one, and tonight I will complete the fusion."

"Are you fusing with Mina's boyfriend?" Lilly shyed.

Josh nodded.

"Hindi, who are you fused with?" Sari asked.

"Well, I am kinda in control of the YuGiOh! world, so I picked Kage. If you picked a character, who would you be."

"Yugi and Yami Yugi, hands down." Josh said.

"If I HAD to pick one, it would be Joey."

"I would personally, be Kaiba. Otherwise I would be Tea." Sari mused.

Lilly smiled, "Besides all that, why are the Grevs against us?

Josh frowned, "When we gave Teren back to his original self, somehow, the Magic Warrior, was possesed and got rid of half of our homeland, and took around 500 people with it. They blamed us that we didn't stop it. He was never seen since."

Lilly, snapped to attention, "Guys, we need to go, Josh needs to fuse, and I need to get back to Mina."

Josh and Lilly left with worry, and when Josh fused, they fell asleep shaking.

The kids are in danger, and they may be killed during this war.

11) Morning Of Awkwardness Edit

"Momma, who's this?" Mina asked.

Sari smiled, "So this is who found my son."

"Shall I go get him?" she said sadly.

Sari kept smiling, "I cant take your boyfriend away from you".

"Oh thank you. WAIT!! Momma how did you know?!"

Kiki smiled, "I think you two should get ready for school."

"I will kill you Mom" she said.

Mina went upstairs and saw Hiro up, brushing his unusuall hair.

"Hiro, leave it down, I think it looks cute." Mina cooed, fluffing his hair carelessly

Hiro hugged his girlfriend, "Don't expect me to leave it down like this all the time."

"Mom found out that we were together. Spill it Hiro Tuskurari. Now." she said, pulling away.

Hiro frowned but said cutely, "PIKACHU!" He was on all fours. His hair already falling in his face.

Mina shouted, "USE THUNDERBOLT!"

Hiro yelled back, "Do you WANT me me to turn into a Pikachu?!"

"No! You're a Umbreon, Imma Glaceon!" she shouted.

"I summon the Dark Magician!"

"I summon the Flaming Swordsman!"

Hiro said calmly, "Am I Yugi but you're Joey?"


The parents listened to them and started laughing. When they got downstairs, Kiki asked, "Where did that yelling start?"

Hiro replied, dodging a flying fork, "Well I kept my hair down, and then she asked me to 'spill' why you knew that we were together," he dodged a flying pencil, "then I said 'Pikachu', and then," he dodged a flying eraser and spoon, "we were just screaming random stuff about Pokemon and Yugioh!"

"Mina get off." Hiro pried her off of him, who then hugged her boyfriend by the neck.

Sari laughed, "Well she's attached to you."

"I am just glad to see you again Mom."

Mina whined, "Hiro, you're comfy." She messed with his black silky hair, and jumped onto his back.


Soon, after alot more yelling, they got to school.

12) A Story From The Shadows, and Someone New! Edit

A low voice sounded from the 'empty' spot beside Hiro, "Do you want to hear a story?"

Mina cheered, "Yeah Josh!"

Lilly sat in Josh's lap as Mina sat in Hiro's.

*Start Flashback*

Teren was onto his good side once more, and all were cheering.

Lilly panted, "Well that was a hard fight."

Josh was panting as well, "Lilly, if it weren't for your Hyper Mode, we would have lost everything."

Teren looked to the southern half of the island, "What is Taylor doing?"

Lilly's body turned black, her powers at work, "He has been overtaken by something." The pink flowers on each side of her head faintly glew and started to spin opposite of each other. "I could try to get to his heart, see what is getting to him."

As Lilly did, She was burned by the darkness.

"AHHHHHH!," she said in pain, "We are in no shape to take him on."

Taylor lifted his staff.

Josh yelled, "Taylor stop! You'll just destroy everything!"

*End Flashback*

Mina asked, "What happened?"

Lilly sighed, "Taylor used his attack, Dark Flash, and after that half of our homeland was gone, along with 500 townspeople. He turned to me and I looked into his eyes. I saw no free will, only Darkness. He then disappeared and we never saw him again."

Later they were walking down the halls.

"So I can stay with you?" said Hiro.

"Yep" Mina said then changed the subject, "Look at that, we have a new student."

She walked over.

Mina asked him, "Konnichiwa, O-namae wa nan desu ka?"

"My name is Mays, I can guess that you and your boyfriend are from Japan."

"Hai. My name is Mina Flowerear."

"My name is Hiro Tuskurari, don't bother with my last name. It is based on a county in Ohio."

Mina frowned, "Hiro, you SUCK for not telling me!"

Hiro sighed, "During the talent show next week, wanna do that argument? We can practice every friggen MORNING!"

"Just to let you know I rank first in all my tallent shows I have been in." Mays said.

"May the best talent win!" Mina laughed.

Hannah yelled, "Hiro!!! Mina!!!" and once again the entire school, including the 12th graders, turned to watch today's show of Students vs Trio.

Haley stopped, "Who is he?"

Hannah didn't care, "Who gives a flying french bread? Let's bully him."

Mina didn't see the third little Grace, and groaned. They were prey without Grace. Hiro slapped his forehead and muttered, 'Oh God.'

Haley noticed this and answered, "Oh Grace is sick at home."

Hannah smiled, and punched Mays in the face. Mays was cross.

Mays frowned, "You dont scare me you two Sluts"

Hannah, and Haley were steaming with rage.

Hannah yelled, "How dare you say that to us!"

He magically lifted up a brick and tossed it at Hannah. It hit her and knocked her to the floor, it hit her so hard that Blood strted pouring out from her forehead.

Mina's face was this right here -----> O_O

All eyes were on Mays, Haley was so scared she pissed herself.

"I hope you like thaste of your own blood, now get the hell out of here you two Sluty Tramps" said Mays as he did a bow.

Haley shrieked, "Hannah?"

Hannah mumbled, "Lets get out of here."

Hannah added one last thing aimed toward Mays, "I wouldn't be friends with that monster Hiro, he's a wolf."

They all ran off.

Mina gaped, "Wow! How-"

Mays smiled, "You can say that I am a magician.

Hiro heard a voice, inside of him, "Hey I'm Josh. It is possible he is the Magic Warrior."

When Mays turned, Hiro asked him one more thing, "Are you fused with the Magic Warrior, Taylor?"

Argueing Coaches

One Winters eavning Thomas returned Annie and Clarabel to there shed.

"Good Night you two" said Thomas.

"Good night Thomas" they said.

Soon Annie started to sleep, but before she could close her eyes Clarabel started to talk.

"Hey Annie" she asked.

"What is it Clarabel" she yawned.

"Who do you think Thomas likes more?" she asked.

"It is for certan me" she said sleepily.

"No, i think it is me" replyed Clarabel.

"It is Me!" said Annie.

"No Its me!!!" shouted Clarabel.

"I dont want to speak to you anymore!" said Annie.

"Same here" snapped Clarabel.

"I am trying to sleep here" said Henrietta.

Next day Thomas arrived to collect them.

"Morning Girls" he said.

"Morning Thomas" replyed Clarabel.

This was a surprise to him, as both would usealy greet him.

"Thats strange" he said and set off.

But not to long after Annie and Clarabel started argueing.

"I'm better looking then you" said Annie.

"No i am more good looking then you" said Clarabel.

"No I am" said Annie.

"No i am!" said Clarabel.

Thomas was starting to worry, Annie and Clarabel never argued before. As they were running through Shen Valley, Annie and Clarabel began to bump eachother hard while argueing.

"You are slow" said Annie and gave Clarabel a firce bump.

"No it is you who are slow" said Clarabel and gave a bump back.

This went on and on until a coupleing between Thomas and Annie broke. Thomas did not know about it. Annie could only watch as Thomas puffed on through the walley. She was cross.

"This is your fault!!" shouted Annie.

"No it is yours!!!" Clarabel shouted back.

They continued to shout, untill they heard a loud rummble.

"What is that noise?" asked Annie.

Clarabel knew that sound.

"Avalanche!!!" she cried.

Clarabel was right, soon they were buried under a ton of snow. Meanwhile Thomas arrived at Knapford, Belle was there.

"Good morning Thomas" she said.

"Good morning Belle" said Thomas.

"Where is Annie and Clarabel?" she asked.

Thomas looked back in shock.

"I must find them" he said.

And he set off, back in the valley Annie and Clarabel started to feel very cold.

"Annie?" shiverd Clarabel.

"Y..Yes Clarabel?" answerd Annie.

"I..I'm sorry for starting the arguement" Clarabel said.

"Thats alright, I..I promis that if we get out of here alive, i will try not to argue with you as much" said Annie.

"Agreed" said Clarabel.

But by now there faces's were turning a deep shade of Blue. Hours went by and Thomas still could not find his coaches.

"I know i can check the Shen Valley line" he said.

And set off, soon he arrived in Shen Valley, but chould not go any furthure being as there was a large snow pile blocking the line.

"I will check the other side" he said.

But just as he set off, he heard a faint voice.

"Help!" the voice said.

"Annie, Clarabel is that you?" he said.

"Thomas!!, Get us out of here!!" the voice came again.

"Driver, Fireman use your shovels to dig at that snow block" he said.

So they got out and started to dig, back in the snow drift Annie could barely keep her self from passing out, Clarabel had passed out by now due to the cold. At last Annie saw light.

"Annie, Clarabel, i am so glad to find you" he said.

"p..p..please get us out. Clarabel has passed out already" said Annie.

Thomas' heart sank. Once they were free, he rushed them to the Steamworks.

"Victor" tooted Thomas as he rushed in.

"Slow down my friend what is with the rush?" he asked.

Annie told him what had happen.

"Lets quickly put her near the furnis, she should feel warm soon" he said.

So Thomas shunted Clarabel near the Big furnes Victor had.

"I hope this works Victor" said Annie.

"It will" he said.

20 Minnutes went by and still no responce from Clarabel, Thomas and Annie began to worry.

"This is all my fault" she said sadly.

"What are you talking about?" asked Thomas.

So Annie explained how it started, Thomas was dissapointed.

"I love you both dearly as friends, and in no part can i love eather one of you separetly" he said.

2 hours later Clarabel opend her eyes. Thomas and Annie were relieaved.

"Clarabel How are you feeling?" asked Thomas.

"A little better" she said.

"Stay there as long as you need Friend" said Victor.

"Thanks Victor" Said Clarabel.

2 more hours later Clarabel felt warm again. From that day on Annie nor Clarabel would argue less then what they use to. This shows us all that no arguement/fight is worth loseing a good friend.

A sister from the past

One morning Sir Topham Hatt came to see Rosie.

"Rosie, later today you will have a visitor" he said.

"What is the visitors name?" asked Rosie.

"Wait and see" he said and left.

"Come on Rosie lets get to work" said her Driver.

"Were are we working?" asked Rosie.

"Your favoorite place the Flour Mill" said her driver.

Later a excited Rosie was at the Flour Mill loading trucks with Flour, when she heard an engines whistle.

"I have never heard that whistle before" she thuoght.

Just then an engine pulled up next to her. Rosie's eyes went wide. The engine was the same as her but had a darker shade of lavender.

"It has been a long time since we last saw eachother" said the engine.

Rosie started to shake in fear, the last time Rosie saw her was after she was sent from Europe to Sodor in 1946.

"V..Violet" she stutterd. Then with out warning she puffed quickly away. Violet was coonfused. Later Violet was puffing along when Gordon thunderd by.

"Steaming pisstons! What was that" she said.

"Dont know but lets follow it" said the Driver.

Soon she stopped at Knapford her eyes looked all around the big station, she was impressed and there waiting for his next run stod Gordon with The Wild Nor Wester. Violet pulled up next to him.

"May i ask your name?" she asked.

Gordon looked at her.

"My names Gordon, what is your name?" he said.

"I am Rosie's twin sister, Violet" she said.

Gordon was surprised.

"Nice to meet you Violet" he said.

Then Thomas pulled in with Annie, Clarabel, and a train of Flour. He was tired.

"Are you ok?" Violet asked Thomas.

He looked over at Violet thinking she was Rosie.

"Rosie takeing Flour is your job not mine!" he snapped.

Violet was stunned.

"What are you talking about?" she asked.

It was at that moment that he realised he snapped at the wrong engine.

"I am sorry for snapping at you, Im Thomas, may i ask your name" he said.

"My name is Violet" she said and set off in a huff.

"If your wondering Thomas, no i have not seen Rosie today" said Gordon.

Thomas yawned.

"Come on Annie and Clarablel i will take you back to the sheds" he said.

When Thomas dropped off his coaches, he set off to Tidmouth sheds for a rest. But when he arrived he saw Rosie in his birth.

"Rosie get out of my birth" he said sleepily.

"No, i dont want her to find me" she said quivering.

"Who?" asked Thomas.

Then a voice shouted around the Yard.

"Sister were are you" the voice called.

Rosie knew the voice.

"Please dont make me leave" she begged to Thomas.

"Oh alright, but you have some explaining to do" he said.

It was soon dusk, and Violet grew tired, she had spent most of her day tring to find her sister.

"Lets find a place to sleep Driver" yawned Violet.

Soon Violet fell a sleep in a sideing, just as night fell. She soon started to dream of when her and Rosie would shunt trucks together before the war.

(Flashback Starts)

"Remember Sis, no matter what happens i will allways be there for you" said Violet.

"I will try to remember" said Rosie.

"Now lets go to the water tower" said Violet.

(Flashback Ends)

She whould give anything just have that same experience again. Back at Tidmouth Rosie started to tell Thomas and the others about why she is hideing from her sister.

"Me and my sister, along with other members of my class were sent to mainland Europe to assist in the war they had. This was after the D-Day landings mind you. It was hecktic for most of the war, My sister was allways better then me, and she would allways get the comanders attention, while i got hardly any. After the war, the day before i came here, my sister said infront of the general" she said.

(Flashback starts)

"You are a weakling of a sister, magot" said Violet.

I was in tears.

"But...." I said.

"The next time i see you, i will show you some real dissaplen" said Violet stearnly.

(Flashback ends)

"The next day i was sent on a boat to Sodor, and that is the last time i saw her. I am afraid she still thinks i am a discrase" said Rosie sadly.

The others were shocked. Next day Rosie was shunting cargo with Salty at The Docks.

"I am glad that my sister aint around" she thought.

But just then her sis came rolling in along with Emily. They stopped next to her.

"Hey, Rosie" said Emily.

"Sister i have been looking everywear for you, i have to say something to you" she said.

But Rosie just puffed quickly away without a word.

"Now were has she gone" groaned Violet.

"I think i can explain why she has been running from you" said Emily.

So Emily told her what Rosie told them last night. Violet sighed.

"Everything you heard was true. But here is what happend after she left" said Violet.

(Flashback Starts)

It was years after the war in Europe, a few weeks after Rosie was sent to Sodor, i realized what i had done and felt guilty. I had insulted my only sister.

"I am such a idiot" i said sadly.

I sometimes cryed at night thinking i would never get a chance to say sorry to my dear sister.

(Flashback Ends)

"And with me here, my chance to speak to her has come" said Violet.

"I think i have an idea that might work" said Emily.

"What is your plan?" asked Violet.

So Emily explained her plan, but Diesel 10 who was working near by heard everything.

"Time for some sisterly fun" he said to himself.

Diesel 10 set off to find Rosie. Meanwhile Rosie was hideing in a dissused siding.

"She wont find me here" said Rosie.

"But i have" said a evil voice.

Rosie shook in fear for right in front of her was Diesel 10, a crane, and a long flatbed.

"Time to take a ride" he smirked.

"What are you going to do to me" she squeaked.

Before she knew it, Rosie was lifted of the rails and on to the flatbed.

"Lets go for a ride" he said and set off.

Rosie shouted and whisteld as loud as she could, but no one heard her. They soon neared the Dieselworks.

"I am going to be scraped" she thought to herself.

Just as Rosie started to lose all hope, she heard two whistels.

"Hold on sis were comeing" shouted Violet.

Behind her was Emily. Diesel 10 laughed.

"Better catch up, or she will be no more!" replyed Diesel 10.

Emily and Violet were cross, Diesel 10 started to gain speed.

"Time for that ride i told you" he said.

"Plese spare me from scrap" she begged.

"Oh dont worry, i dont plan on scraping you" he said.

Rosie was releaved.

"I plan on kidnaping you" he laughed evilly.

"HELP!!!!!" she shouted.

Emily and Violet were right on Diesel 10's tail.

"Good thing we called ahead and informed the Controller on the chase" said Violet.

"Sir Topham Hatt better have that blockcade ready at Knapford" said Emily.

They soon passed by the distant signal telling them that Knapford lay ahead. Soon Diesel 10 saw Knapford and the blockcade.

"Uh, oh" he said.

He applied his breaks but it was to late, he hit the baracade which brought him to a suddent stop. But this caused Rosie to be sent into the air screaming. She shut her eyes as she crashed through one of Knapfords glass roofs, and landed on the rails on her side badly dented.

"Is anyone hurt?" asked Sir Topham Hatt who took cover during the crash.

"This cant get any worse" she thought.

But it did, the rest of the Glass roof, and steel suportes fell.

"Take Cover!" shouted Sir Topham Hatt.

And landed right on Rosie. She was out cold. At that moment Emily and a shocked Violet steamed in.

"SIS!!!" she shouted as she rushed to her with the Sounds of Rosies Driver and Fireman curseing up a storm.

But there was no reply, tears started running down Violet's face. Emily was also worried, Sir Topham Hatt emerged from his hideing place.

"Please be in one piece" she said tearaly as she stoped infront of the mess.

Soon Rocky was lifting the rubble off of Rosie. Luckily the Driver and Fireman wernt hurt badly,but Violet saw a most dreadfull sight. Rosie was compleatly batterd and dented.

"I am so sorry for what i said to you, I promise to never insult you again" Violet said quietly.

The good thing was that she was still in one piece.

"Diesel 10, when your back on the rails i want you to wait from me at the Dieselworks. Is that clear" he said sternly.

"Yes, Sir I understand, Sir" said Diesel 10 grumpaly.

"We need to get her to the Steamworks quickly" cried Violet.

So Rocky lifted Rosie of the rails and on to a flatbed, which Henry quickly set off to the Steamworks. Soon Henry and Violet were at the Steamworks.

"Victor!!!" called Henry.

"Hello, Henry who is that next to you?" said Victor.

"Names Violet" said Violet.

"What brings you two here for?' He asked.

Then he saw why they were there.

"Get Rosie inside quickly" said Victor.

When they got inside, Victor called to Kevin.

"Kevin i need your help, come quickly!" he shouted.

Soon Kevin was infront of Victor.

"What do you want, Boss?" he asked.

"Get everything ready to do a compleate engine overhaul" said Victor.

"Right away, Boss" he said.

"And try not to drop things" said Victor.

Violet gulped, she knew what Victor ment.

"Violet with your concent, i would like to do the overhaul" said Victor.

"Do what you must, Victor. All i care about right now is my sister" she said.

"Alright, i would suggest that you find some work to do. Cause the overhaul will take a while" said Victor.

At that moment Sir Topham Hatt arrived.

"Sir, can i stay on the island?" asked Violet.

"Ofcourse you can" he said.

"Thank you verry much, Sir" said Violet.

"Violet i need you to work in Rosie's place at the Flour Mill" said Sir Topham Hatt.

"Yes, Sir" said Violet.

"Henry i will have another engine do your jobs for now, i want you to stay here and when Victor is done with the overhaul to go and inform Violet" he said.

"How about Violet stays here and i work at the Flour Mill" said Henry.

"Sounds good Henry" said Sir Topham Hatt.

And he left. Just then Rosie awoke.

"Where am i?" said Rosie.

Then she saw what was infront of her and froze.

"If your going to disaplen me then get it done with" said Rosie shutting her eyes in fear.

Violet was sillent for a second. She looked at her sister.

"Well what are you waiting for" wimperd Rosie.

Violet closed her eyes for a split second then opend them.

"No, i can not hurt you sister" said Violet.

Rosie opend her eyes confused.

"But didnt you say infront of the Comander that you whould disaplen me" said Rosie.

Violet sighed.

"I did, but it was not until a few weeks after you were sent here that regained my sensess, ever since then i have been under a lot of greaf" said Violet.

Rosie's jaw dropped. Tears started to running down Violets face. She rolled up and stopped infront of Rosie.

"Please forgive me for what i said to you Sister" begged Violet sadly as tears fell from her cheak and landed on her bufferbeam.

Rosie closed her eyes remembering what her sister said before the war.


'I will always be there for you sis, no matter what'

(Flashback Ends)

Rosie started to smile, she opened her eyes.

"I can forgive you sister, so long as you never insult me again" said Rosie calmly.

Violet felt releaved, many years of guilt was finaly over.

"Thank you sis" she said gladly.

"And when i am repared we can go back to haveing fun, like we used to" said Rosie.

Violet was verry happy. Two months later Rosie was repiared and back on the rails.

"Thanks for fixing my sister Victor" said Violet.

And with that they set off to work together.

"Now i see why you like to work at the Flour Mill" said Violet.

(Fade to black)

(Instramental of The Island Song Starts)


Nina is a Great Eastern Railway Class S56 was a class of 0-6-0T and has a sister called Tina.

Tina is a USA class 0-6-0 "Dock Tank" engine she is just like Rosie but orange.

Bip is a GER Class T26 tender locomotive designed by James Holden for the Great Eastern Railway. His color is Black and is Tina & Nina`s brother.

Garret is a GER Class 209 0-4-0 saddle tank steam locomotive and is Tina's good friend. His color is a aqua blue.

Connie is baised on the LMS 6233 Duchess of Sutherland with a navy blue paint job,she allways looks up to Edward as a mentor/friend. She is a very shy and timid engine. plus is cab over wheels in love with him, altho does not show it.

Bell is a GWR 2301 Class Dean Goods tender engine with a good heart.

Mandy is a beatiful green 0-6-0 tender engine with the same face as Emily but with freckels like Rosie and she is Emily's sister.

Harry is a LNWR 0-8-2 tank engine with a dark shade of yellow. and Mandy is in love with him.

Flip is Lady's sister she looks just her but she has gold paint and purple lining, plus she is a little nuts, but other than that she is good.

Hope is baised on The W.Worsdell class D17 (NER Class M1 & Q) 4-4-0 Tender locomotive. She is Molly's sister and has a fire red paint job.

Marry is a LMS 3-Cylindered Stanier 0-6-6 arangement and is Harry's sister and has black and white paint plus a big heart.

Blob is based on the Great Northern Railway large boiler class C1, with a 4-4-2 wheel arangement he has bright blue paint just like Thomas.

Tom is a Tram engine is based on the J70 tram, but with a Rainbow paint job, and like Toby he is wise.

Bob and Ron are Lady's coaches, they look a lot like Annie and Clarabel, but with Red and Blue paint.

Beth is a 1930 0-6-0 H. K. Porter with a Bronze paint job, gold lining, and her wheels are made out of 24k Gold.

Time is a garbage collecting engine like Whiff, she is based on the Glasgow and South Western Railway 403 Class of 2-6-0 tender locomotives.

Lil is Mavis's sister and like her she is based on a BR Class 04 0-6-0, with black paint,side plates, and cow-catchers, plus no black and yellow warning strips.

Call is a LMS Fowler Dock Tank 0-6-0, she has a all yellow paint job.

Huff is a LMS Stanier 0-4-4.

Undertaker is a ghost, he is based on the Hebburn Works 0-4-0 industrial saddle tank engine built in 1874 by Black Hawthorn & Co. Ltd. of Gateshead , his spirit can be found wondering around near the bakery.

Youth is the first female engine on the Narrow Gauge railway. she is baised on Smudger's type.

Might Is a 2-2-2 from the Coln Valley and Halstead Railway, he is some times strong in heart.

Kind is a 2-6-0 from the Louisville & Nashville railroad, she has a big heart.

Yorkshire is a LNER Class D49 4-4-0, He is very helpful. he proudly wears the LNER colors.

62 is Thomas brother he like Thomas is baised on a E2 but with no number on him, he has the colors as Thomas.

Florence is a GWR 455 Class, also called the "Metropolitan" or "Metro" Tanks, 2-4-0 tank locomotive , she as taken a liking to 62.

Cinder is a (GCR) Class 8K 2-8-0.

Fire is based on the LB&SCR E1 class of 0-6-0 tank locomotives.

Annie (locomotive) is a Narrow gage Engine with a 0-4-2 arrangement, she is from The GGR, Groudle Glen Railway, she carries a deep tuscan red livery.

Amy the goods engine is Donald's and Douglas sister from Scotland, she is based on the Caledonian Railway 439 class of 0-4-4 tender locomotives, she has a sky blue color Paint.

Kira is Hiro's sister from Japan she is based on the (JNR) Class D51 built by Kawasaki. but unlike Hiro who has knuckle couplers she has Standard Couplers like the other engines and is painted black with gold bands and fittings and red wheels like Hiro, with her Name in 24k Gold.

Lincoln is a "Harmony" class 0-4-2 of the Mystic River Traction Company. he has a pine tree green paint with Gold lineing.

Lincoln and the trouble with Jen

It was a fine day on the Mystic River traction compony railway, Lincoln felt over worked, he did all the work on the railway, and got hardly any rest. For many years being the railways only engine made him proud but was tireing. One day Lincoln was talking to the controler.

Lincoln: Sir my wheels can not take any more work, we need a another engine to help out.

Controler: Don't worry Lincoln i am going to buy an engine to help you out.

Lincoln: When will you go and get a engine?

Controller: By the end of the week.

It was soon the end of the week, Lincoln was just wakeing up when he heard a whistle.

Controller: Lincoln this is Jen. She is a Ivatt Steam Rail Motor coach.

Jen: So you must be Lincoln.

Lincoln: (Faintly blushing) it is nice to meet you Jen.

Jen: Same here.

Controller: Now Jen your first job is to shunt trucks.

Jen: Yes sir.

After a month she started to complain about all the work.

Jen: I am tierd of shunting Trucks, when will i get to take passengers here on the railway.

Lincoln: You are still a young engine, you will leave something or someone behind.

Jen: Says you.

Controller: Says the controler, i don't think that you are ready.

Jen: Sir, i have carryed passemgers before.

She said, later Jen was getting Lincolns next passenger train ready.

Jen: It is so not fair, i am more then capeable to pull passengers.

She brought the coaches to the platform and waited for Lincoln, she waited and waited.

Jen: were is he?

The passengers were geting impatient, soon the stationmaster talked to the controler.

Controller: So Lincoln has a leaking boiler.

Stationmaster: That is corect sir.

Controller: Well Jen i guess i can let you pull ths train.

She was pleased.

Jen: Thank you sir.

So Jen ran round to the front and backed down on the coaches ready to start, with some passengers in the coach part of her.

Jen's Driver: Don't be impatient Jen, Wait till every thing is ready.

But Jen was too excited to listen to a word he said. What happen then no one knows. perhaps they forgot to couple Jen to the train; perhaps the driver pulled the leaver by mistake. Anyhow, Jen started. As she was passing the first singnal box men waved and shouted but she didint stop.

Jen: they must be waveing because i am such a splended engine.

Soon she came to a singnal set at "Danger".

Jen: Bother.

Then she looked back, and saw a shocking sight.

Jen:(Shocked) Were are the coaches.

Controller: You left with out them.

Said a stern voce, Jen was so sad she nearly cried.

Jen's Driver: Never mind, Lets go back quickly and try again.

Later at the sheds.

Controller: Lincoln i am sending you to have an over haul, so i will bring another engine to take over your work till you return.

Lincoln: Yes sr.

And he walked sternly away.

Lincoln: Was i right about you, told you that you would leave something behind.

Jen: Don't rub it in alright!.

So they fell a sleep.

The end.

Anna the new engine

The next day Lincoln was sent to the works just as a new engine arived.

Controller: Jen this is Anna.

Anna: hello, nice to meet you.

She said, but Jen did not reply she just left to go to work.

Controller: Anna your first job is to shunt Trucks at the coaling plant.

Anna: Yes sir.

Later at the sheds.

Jen: You are such a strange engine.

Anna: Oh and your not.

Jen: I am not strange!, i am unique.

Anna: So you say.

The next day Anna was working at the station when urgent news came from the quarry.

Anna: What is wrong driver?

Annas Driver: No idea, look here comes the stationmaster.

StationMaster: There is an emergency at the Quarry there has been a rock slide and Jen has run into it.

Anna: Serves her right for what she said about me.

Anna's Driver: show a wheel Anna.

Anna: I will not go help that engine, she is so rude.

Driver: Do you think her dirver and fireman deserve this.

He said and set off, soon she arived and saw Jen laying on her side next to the rock slide.

Anna: Well, well, well, look who is on the ground, it serves you right for what you said to me.

Jen: (crying) Please get me back on the rails, i am so sorry for what i said last night.

Anna: I dont know.

Jnen: (Sobbing) Please.

Anna: I could be you friend.

She said, and wnet to find the breakdown train. Soon she returned and it was not long till Jen was back on the rails.

Jen: So want to be friends?

Anna: I guess.

She said and the two friends headed back to the sheds.

Controller: Anna i am verry pleased with you.

Anna: Thank you sir.

He turned to Jen.

Controller: Jen i am disapointed in you.

Jen: (Sadly) yes sir.

Controller: Also Lincoln will be returning in a few days.

He said and left.

The end

Joe and the snow

A few days later Lincoln returned.

Lincoln: It is good to be back, you must be Anna.

Anna: Nice to meet you Lincoln.

Jen: Here comes the controler.

She said as he arived.

Controller: Bad news guys.

Lincoln: What is it sir?

Controller: A big snow storm is heading are way, over 3 inches reported.

Jen: Oh my.

Conrtroller: Lincoln i need you to keep the lines clear of snow until i can get snow plows for Jen and Anna.

That night a snow storm came and drop a lot of snow, when the engines woke up they were surprised at how much snow there was.

Anna: Never seen so much snow.

Then they saw an engine puffing twards them with a snow plow.

Jen: Who are you?

Joe: Names Joe, I am the new engine.

When Anna saw Joe she was stuned at how well he looked aganst the snow.

Anna: (Flourshed) My name is Anna.

Joe: Nice to meet you.

Just then the Controler steped down from Joes cab.

Controller: Lincoln this is Joe he is to help you clear the line.

Jen: He looks like he can't clear snow, he just looks so weak.

And with that Joe and Lincoln went to work. In no time at all they had the lines clear of snow.

Anna: Now we can start work.

By late afternoon they all had finised there jobs.

Lincoln: Good work today Joe.

Joe: Thanks.

Then the controler arived.

Controller: Joe tomorrow you and Jen are to double head the daily express to the island of Sodor, we have passengers who want to visit there and vice versa.

Joe: How many coaches will there be Sir?

Controler: 12 coaches.

Jen: Oh my.

Lincoln: Are you sure they can both handdel a train like that?

The next day Joe and Jen set off to get ready.

Joe: I will lead the train.

Jen: No i will lead.

At last they were ready to leave.

Joe: Lets a go.

Jen: Got to make sure that the passengers are safe inside the coach part of me.

Soon they were chuffing down the line, soon they were at the station waiting there was Gordon with The Wild Nor Wester.

Gordon: Right on time you two.

So the passengers from there train got into Gordons coaches.

Jen: Who are you?

Gordon: Names Gordon, Now Duck will be bring the passengers wanting to go and visit your railway.

He said and left, it was not long till Duck arived.

Duck: Here are your passengers.

Joe: What nice coaches you have.

Alice and Mirabel felt flatterd.

Alice: Thanks for the coment

Just then Sir Topham Hatt steped out of Mirabel.

STH: i am to head to your railway to speak with your controler.

Joe: Yes sir.

When the passengers got in they set off, soon they were back on there railway.

STH: Thanks for a splended ride you two.

Controller: Aw Sir Topham Hatt what brings you here?

STH: I have a plan i want to disscuss with you.

Later Lincoln took the passengers back to Sodor.

Controller: You two did verry well today.

Jen: Joe i am sorry for what i said to you.

Joe: That is alright.

The end.

Scott and Jen

It was 2 weeks before Christmas, the engine were in the sheds when the Controler arived.

Controller: Tomorrow i want you Lincoln to show the new engine around, His name is Scott and he is from Iraland.

Lincoln: Yes sir.

So the next day he was at the docks waiting for Scott.

Lincoln: Were is he?

Jsut then an odd looking engine pulled up to him.

Scott: Aw yer must be lincoln.

Lincoln: Yes, your Scott i see.

Scott: Yer got dat roi.

Lincoln: i am to show you around the Railway.

So they set off, soon they arived at the sheds Jen and Anna were there.

Scott: 'owaya ladys, oi'm Scott.

Jen: oh my it is a box on wheels.

Anna: And an ugly one non the less.

They both started to laugh.

Lincoln: Come on Scott lets head to the coaling plant.

Scott: Insult an irsh engine 'ill yer, 'ill jist clap aboyt dat.

Before they left Scott weeshed muddy shoot all over Jen.

Jen: Hey!!

Anna then started to laugh at Jen.

Scott: Dat 'ill teach yer ter never insult an irish paddy.

At the Coaling plant, Lincoln was showing Scott the proper way to shunt the trucks.

Lincoln: Take a few trucks at a time.

Scott: Dead on Lincoln.

Later Scott was prepareing Jen's next good's train. Soon Jen arived.

Scott: 'ere is yisser train.

Jen: You are such a weakling.

Controler: Jen Scott is to help you pull this train.

Jen: I will lead.

Scott: Dead on lets jist git started.

He said and they set off, soon they were nearing the first station.

Jen: Were near the first station.

Then there was trouble, Jen hit a bump in the rails and came off of the tracks.

Jen: S**t!!!

Her driver went for help, soon Anna arived with the breakdown train.

Anna: Well you do look silly, also Scott i am sorry for what i said to you this morning.

Scott: T'anks.

Jen: I am also sorry for what i said to you.

Scott: That's gran'.

Soon Jen was back on the rails, she could not move so Anna took her place on the train. When they got to the station there on the platform was the Controller.

Controller: I will speak with Jen later. Aslo keep up the good work Scott.

Scott: T'anks.

Later at the sheds the controller was talking severely to Jen, after he had got done he made an anoucement.

Controller: I have talked to Sir Topham Hatt and he says that he wants us to be the guests of honor at his Christmas eve party.

The engines were excited.

Controller: Now there is but only a week left before the party.

Soon it was the day of the party, by the afternoon they were all set at Knapford in there spots.

Jen: It is so cold out.

Anna: Literaly.

Scott: In iralan', so 'tiz much worse den 'ere.

Soon the other engines arived and STH got up on a podium.

STH: May i introduce to you are guests the Mystic River Traction Compony engines.

Soon it was there controlers turn to speak.

Controller: Me and my engines are pleased to be here, now you can all go and look at my engines as they will be on display for this event, and remember to come and visit the railway.

And with that the party began.

The end.

Anna and the shunter

It was a fine morning on the railway, Anna was waiting at the station for her passenger run when she looked in the shunting yards and saw a silver tender.

Anna: Who does that tender belong to?

She wondered, but by then it was time for her to leave.

Anna: Mabie i can get a look at him later.

Later that day she was working at the docks, when she saw the silver tender again in the sidings.

Anna: Now's my chance.

She said and set off to the siding, soon she found the tender.

Anna: What is your name?

Maxwell: Names Maxwell i am the new shunting engine.

Just then the Controller came up.

Controller: Aw Anna, i see you met Maxwell.

Anna: Maxwell you should know that tender engines don't shunt.

Maxwell: So what, it is fun to shunt.

Anna: You would never see me shunting in such dirty sideings.

Maxwell: To much puff and not enough steam.

This made Anna Cross.

Anna: Shunting is so below my level!.

She said and left, That night the Controller came the sheds.

Lincoln: Why are you here sir?

Controller: I hve talked to Sir Topham Hatt and he has agreed for one of his engines to come and help us out for a bit.

Anna: What is the engines name sir?

Controler: You will find out tomorrow.

So the engines fell asleep, the next day they woke up to the sound of an engines whistle.

Jen: Strange whistle.

Soon they saw a blue tender with the number 2 backing next to Lincoln.

Joe: Who are you?

Edward: Names Edward, i have been brought here to help shunt.

When Anna heard this she was cross.

Anna: Tender engines don't shunt.

Edward chuckeld.

Edward: Tender engines do shunt, but most tender engines are to stuck up to comprihend that.

This made Anna verry cross.

Maxwell: So Edward want to help shunt trucks in the yards?

Edward: Sure.

So they set off, later Anna was watching Edward shunt in the yards.

Anna: Man he and Maxwell are quick shunters.

Later Edward was arangeing a goods train when the station master came to see him.

Stationmaster: Anna is stuck on the hill, could you go and push her please.

Charlie: Sure we can, come on old boy.

He said and they set off, soon they found Anna have way up and looking verry cross.

Anna: Dam trucks are to heavy.

Then Edwards driver came up.

Charlie: We have come to push.

Anna: No use at all.

Charlie: You wait and see.

So they brought the train down to the bottom of the hill, Edward coupled up.

Edward: Im ready.

Anna: No good.

Grumbled Anna and they snorted up the hill, before she knew it she found her self at the top of the hill.

Anna: We did it.

Soon they were pulling into the station.

Anna: Thank you Edward.

Edward: Your welcome.

Later that night at the sheds.

Controller: Anna you have been verry bad today.

Anna: Sorry sir.

And with that they fell asleep.

Glenda the usefull engine

The controller arived.

Controller: Edward you are to go to the docks to greet a new engine.

Edward: Yes sir.

He said and set off, soon he arived at the docks to see the new engine waiting for him.

Glenda: What is your name?

Edward: Edward, are you the new engine?

Glenda: Yes i am, my name is Glenda.

So they set off, Soon they made it to the sheds, Scott was the only one there.

Edward: Scott this is Glenda the new engine.

When Glenda saw Scott she thought he was the most beautiful engine she had ever seen.

Scott: 'ey Glenda is mise Scott, want ter 'elp me oyt at de coalin' plant?

Glenda: Sure lets go.

so they sett off, soon they arived at the plant Lincoln was also working there.

Lincoln: Hey Scott, who is that next to you?

Glenda: My name is Glenda the new engine, what is your name?

Lincoln: My name is Lincoln.

So they started work, that night at the sheds the engines, (Anna, Jen, Maxwell, and Joe) started to make rude remarks about Glenda.

Joe: What a small engine.

Anna: She has no use on this railway.

Jen: Must be verry weak.

Maxwell: It looks like she can't pull trucks let alone pull coaches.

Jen: She is just a waste of time.

When they went to sleep, Glenda stayed awake crying Edward heard this and woke up.

Edward: Why are you crying?

Glenda: (Crying) Cause of what the others said about me.

Lincoln: Look pay no atation to them they are just not use to you yet, i have an idea how about you pull my morning passenger train tomorrow.

This made her cheer up a bit.

Glenda: Thank you Lincoln.

So the next day Lincoln talked to the Controler who agreed, soon Maxwell had got the coaches set at the platfom.

Maxwell: Now to wait for Lincoln.

But was surprised to see Glenda backing onto the coaches.

Maxwell: What are you doing Glenda?

She payed no atation to him.

Driver: This train is going to the island of Sodor.

He said to her, soon the guards whistle blew and they set off, soon she was at the station waiting there was Henry with the Wild Nor Wester.

Henry: About time.

Glenda: Be glad i am here at all.

So the passengers from Glenda coache's got on to Henrys train.

Henry: Oliver is bringing some passengers who want to visit your line.

Glenda: Ok.

Henry set off, soon Oliver arived.

Oliver: Here is your passengers.

So when the passengers got out of Olivers coache's and got into Glenda's train she set off.

Glenda: Thank you.

She said later Glenda was resting in a sideing when the Controller arived.

Controller: Glenda. Jen has broken down and i need you to take her to the works.

Glenda: yes sir.

So she set off, soon she found Jen.

Glenda: Broken down have we? poor engine.

Glenda teased and pulled Jen to the works.

Jen: Glenda i wan't to say sorry for what i said about you, your not a retard. Your a hard working engine..

Glenda: Thats alright.

She said as they arived at the works, Next day the engines were there to see Edward off.

Controller: Thanks for your help.

Edward: No problem.

So he set off back to Sodor.


Neil, James and trucks

One morning, the controller came to see Jen.

Controller: Jen Neil is waiting at the docks, I want you to show him around.

Jen: But Sir, it is my day off can't somebody else do it.

Controller: Realy usefull engines don't argue.

So Jen didn't, soon she arived at the docks.

Jen: Were is this new engine?

She grumbled, soon the engine stop next to her.

Neil: Hello, your controller says you will show me around?

Jen: Lets get moveing then.

She said crossly, soon they arived at the coaling plant. To both there surprise thay saw a Big Red tender engine at the hopper. They pulled up to him.

Jen: Who are you? she asked.

James: Name is James, trhe splended red engine. And what are your names?

Jen: Names Jen.

Neil: Names Neil.

Jen: This is were we get are coal from Neil.

Neil: Interesting.

Just then Glenda arived with the Controller.

Glenda: hey new engine.

Neil: Hello what is your name?

Glenda: My name is Glenda, what is your's?

Neil: Neil is my name.

Controller: James you need to take a train of coal to the Docks.

James: Were is it at?

Controller: Lincoln is comeing to lead you to the place.

James: I hate takeing coal trucks.

That evening Jen arived at the sheds, she was cross.

Jen: My first day off and i don't even get to enjoy it.

James: At least you had no trucks being troublesome.

Jen: It is not fair.

She grumbled, next day Jen was at the Quarry with James, when Neil stoped next to her.

Neil: Good morning.

James: Morning.

Jen: What is so good about it!

Just the the Manager came to see them.

Manager: Neil and Jen, i need you both to take a long and heavy train of rocks to the Docks.

Neil: Yes sir.

Manager: Lincoln is comeing soon to get the train ready. Also James later today you will be pulling some passengers.

Soon Lincoln had the train ready, Jen and Neil hooked up and set off double heading the train to the docks. They steamed through the beautiful contryside.

Neil: The sceenery is beautifull.

But Jen was not thinking about the view, she was thinking about getting this job done, then there was trouble the trucks decided to cause trouble.

Trucks: Faster!

They said and gave the two a fierce bump. Soon they were raceing along the line.

Neil: Stop pushing.

He said, but the trucks did not care. Ahead Jen could see a verry sharp bend and they were going to fast.

Jen: Look out!

She shouted but it was to late, they came off the tracks and Jen shut her eyes as they landed in a farmers feild. Quarry rocks were everywere. Soon Scott arived with the breakdown train.

Scott: Verry interestin'.

Jen: Please hurry.

Soon they were put back on the rails, and they set off for the Docks.

Jen: I realy hate trucks.

Neil: Lets get this train to the docks as fast as we can.

He said soon they arived at the docks, they were verry tired. James was there waiting for some passengers.

Neil: Lets rest.

At the water tower the Controller came to see them.

Controller: Neil and Jen i am pleased with your work today. Even with

Neil: Thanks sir.

Controller: That is why as a treat, i am sending you both to the island of sodor for a bit.

But Neil had a better idea.

Neil: Sir, instead how about you give me and Jen tomorrow off.

The Controller thought for a minnute .

Controller: Ok. I can have it done.

That night at the sheds, Jen had something to say to Neil.

Jen: I want to thank you for that idea Neil.

Neil: No prob.

And with that they fell asleep. Next day James went back to Sodor.

Teressa the outcast

One day the Controller came to the sheds.

Controller: a new engine is on the railway. Now i want you to make her feal wellcome.

All: Yes sir.

Later Lincoln was shunting in the yard, when the new engine arived.

Teressa: Hello, my name is Teressa. What is your's?

Lincoln: My name is Lincoln.

Later Teressa was at the station when Jen, Anna, and Glenda pulled into the station.

Teressa: Hello.

She said, but they did not answer.

Teressa: My name is Teressa.

Jen: Names Jen. Lets get away from this outcast girls.

Said Jen and they left. Teressa felt hurt.

Teressa: I am not an outcast.

Later she was working in the yards with Lincoln.

Lincoln: Is anything wrong?

Teressa: earlyer at the station three engines, one named Jen called me an outcast.

Lincoln: Well you are most certenly not an outcast in my view.

Teressa: Thanks.

That night at the sheds the engines excludeing Jen, Anna, and Glenda were talking to Teressa.

Joe: Glad to have you on the roster.

Maxwell: and a hard working Diesel to.

Scott: Yisser roi.

The next day Teressa was working at the Quarry with Joe.

Teressa: Trucks are easy for me.

Just then Jen arived.

Jen: Oh a smelly outcast.

Teressa was cross. Later she was in a siding thinking on how to pay Jen out.

Teressa: I am so going to get her back.

Later Jen was working at the mines, when all of a suddent, the ballast sliped away and the rails sagged and broke. she had fallen into an old mine shaft.

Jen: Fire and Smoke!, I'm sunk!

And she was. Just then The Controller came up.

Controller: I've been told by Lincoln on how rude you, Anna, and Glenda were to Teressa.

Jen: Please get me out; I won't be rude again.

Tears started to roll down her face.

Controller: I'm not sure. We can't lift you out with a crane, the ground's not firm enough. Hm...Let me see...I wonder if Teressa could pull you out.

Jen: Yes Sir.

Said Jen nervously. She didn't want to meet Teressa just yet.

Teressa: Down a mine is she? Ho! Ho! Ho!

Laughed Teressa.

Teressa: What a joke!

Soon Teressa arrived.

Teressa: Looks like i have no need to pay you out.

Strong cables were fastened between the two engines.

Controller: Are you ready? HEAVE!.

Teressa pulled, she was panting hard and nearly purple before she dragged Jen out of the hole.

Jen: I'm sorry is was rude.

Teressa: Thats alright.

Jen: Want to be friends?

Teressa: Sure.

And the two friends puffed slowly home.

Delete the Mixed Trafic engine

A Few days later, The Cnotroller arrived to see his engines.

Controller: Sir Topham Hatt, is loaning us a new member of his engine fleet.

Jen: What is the name, Sir?

Controller: Delete.

Maxwell: Odd name for an engine.

Scott: Dat so 'itz.

Later that day, Lincoln was shunting in a sideing when a new engine pulled up next to him.

Delete: Are you Lincoln?

Lincoln: Yes, and you must be Delete.

Delete: Yes, that is me.

Lincoln: Just to let you know the other engines wont think much of you right now.

Delete: Why?

Lincoln: At this point they just think of you as standerd run of the mill new engine, with no special qualities.

He laughed.

Delete: That wont be for long. Once they know my history.

Soon Maxwell was getting Delete's train ready for him. Delete arrived just as Maxwell finished.

Maxwell: You Delete?

Delete: Yes, and who are you?

Maxwell: Names Maxwell.

Just then Teressa pulled up next to Maxwell.

Teressa: Is that the new guy?

Maxwell: Yes.

Delete: What is your name diesel?

Teressa: It is Teressa.

Just then the Guard blew his whistle.

Driver: Come on.

Said his Driver, and he set off. Later Delete went to see Teressa. He found her in a siding.

Delete: Are you a friendly diesel?

Teressa: Yes, why do you ask?

Delete: Well some Diesels i worked with in the past have not been friendly.

Teressa: Please tell me.

Delete: Well, in 1948 I was sent to the BR. It was harsh. I found only one diesel friendly. A BR Class 10. The rest just were nasty, rude, and spiteful. She was the only one that was kind to me.

Teressa: Can you remember the name of the friendly diesel?

Delete: No, and i wish i could. She was my best friend.

That night Delete arrived late back to the sheds.

Delete: I am tired.

Lincoln: We are all tired.

Just then the Controller came to see them.

Controller: Delete good job today.

Delete: Thanks.

Controller: Tomorrow i am letting you pull passengers.

Delete: Thank you, Sir.

Next Day Delete was waiting at the top station for his train. Soon Maxwell had the coaches ready.

Maxwell: There you go Delete.

Delete: Thank you.

Meanwhile Teressa could not stop thinking about what Delete told her.

Teressa: I will tell the controller and see if he cant help.

So Teressa found the Controller and told hm about what Delete said.

Controller: I will see what i can do, but i am not makeing no promises.

So he made a call to the Other Railway Controller.

Controller: I have to ask you smoething.

After about a half hour of talking.

Controller: When can you send her over.

Other Railway Controller: Tomorrow and you can keep her if you want, it wont cost anything.

Controlller: Thank you my good man.

He hung up the phone.

Controller: Delete will be pleased.

That night he arrived at the sheds.

Controller: Lincoln I want you tomorrow to handle Deletes jobs for the morning.

Delete: Why.

Controller: cause i have a visitor who wants to see you.

Delete: Who is it?

Controller: Wait and see.

So the next morning Delete watched the others set off to work. Soon the visitor arrived. Delete's eyes popped open.

Delete: It can't be!.

Diesel engine: Delete! How is my best friend doing.

Delete was spechless. After a few moments he spoke up.

Delete: Stella? Is it realy you?

Stella: Yes it is.

Delete: I can see you got a different paint since we last saw eachother.

Stella: Yes many years it has been. Anyhow do you like the paint?

Delete: Yes i do. It suites you well.

Stella: Thanks.

Controller: I have more good news for you Delete.

Delete: Yes, sir?

Controller: I now own Stella.

Delete felt like his boiler would explode in joy.

Stella: You see i was ment for the scrap yard tomorrow but now i work for this railway.

Delete: Oh thank you, Sir!

Stella: The Other Railway has changed alot since you were last there. It is full of much more friendly Diesels.

Delete: Thats good to here. And what about the rude ones to me?

Stella: They got scraped.

Just then an alarm sounded in the yard.

A workman ran up to them.

Workman: Lincoln is off the line the Breakdown train quickly.

Delete: Come on Stella may need your help.

Stella: Ok.

Soon they found the breakdown Train.

Delete: Were is Lincoln driver?

Driver: He is in a farmers feild not to far from here.

And they set off, soon they found Lincoln.

Lincoln: I am so glad to see you.

Soon he was back on the rails.

Stella: Lincoln my name is Stella.

Lincoln: Hello Stella.

Just then The Controller arrived on Scott.

Scott: Ah gran' another diesel.

That night at the shed, Stella and Delete told the others their history.

Jen: What history.

Then the Controller arrived.

Controller: Delete Sir Topham Hatt is still loaning you to us, but wants you to work here indefently.

Delete: What does that mean sir?

Controller: It means you will work here untill you want to return to the Fat Controllers railway.

All the engines whistled and Stella could not be more happyer.

Stella and Trucks

A few days later the Controller came to see Stella.

Controller: Stella, i need you to take some empty Trucks to the Coaling plant. Lincoln will show you how to get there.

Stella: Yes, Sir.

She said, but she was worryed. The last time she handeld trucks it endded in a nasty accident. Soon she was arrangeing her train, when Maxwell pulled up.

Maxwell: Why are you upset?

Stella: Maxwell, promise me you wont tell anyone what i am going to tell you.

Maxwell: I promise.

Stella: The reason why i am upset is that i have to take some empty trucks.

Maxwell: Why?

Stella: 10 years ago. I was hauling a train of coal cars up a steep hill, i was nearly at the top when a coupleing snaped.

(Flashback starts)

Stella: Driver, lets race after them.

Narrator(Stella): i gave chase, but it was to late. They crashed into a Diesel shunter pushing a train of Oil. The oil spiled evrywere.

Diesel Shunter: This is just great.

(Stella pulls up next to him)

Stella: I am verry sory. The trucks broke away from me.

(Flashback Ends)

Stella: I have never taken a train of trucks since, and i am worryed that i will mess up again.

Maxwell felt sorry for her.

Maxwell: I am sure it will be fine.

Stella: I hope.

Soon she was ready, Lincoln told her what tracks to take.

Stella: No screw ups.

She said to herself, and set off. Soon she was steaming through the country side.

Stella: It is so peacefull out here.

Soon she arrived at the Coaling plant.

Worker: We need you to take a train of coal to the Docks.

Stella: Yes sir.

She said, soon she had her train.

Stella: Off we go.

She said and set off.

Stella: So far, so good.

But the trucks grew bord.

Trucks: Fun time.

They said and surged forward. Stella was shocked.

Stella: Stop this at onece!

She called, but they did not care. Soon she started to gain speed.

Stella: I must stop.

She thought, soon she came speeding into the docks.

Stella: HELP!!!

She called, but there was worst to come. The track she was on ended with buffers infront of a brick wall of one of the warehouses.

Stella: Noooooo!

She groaned and shut her eyes waiting for the crash. But it never came She opend her eyes to see she was just infront of the buffers.

Stella: How am i not through that wall.

Just then Delete stopped next to her.

Delete: Be thankfull i was near by.

She was verry greatfull.

Stella: Thanks for stopping me Delete my best friend.

Workman: It was a good thing he stopped you, otherwise you would be blown up, fro you see on the other side of this wall is a lot of gunpouder.

This scared her alot.

Stlella: This all most ended in a big disaster.

She said quietly, but Delete heard.

Delete: Something wrong?

He asked, Stella looked at him with tears in her eyes as she just realised he saved her life.

Stella: (teary) If it was not for you my friend i'd be dead by now.

Delete: It was nothing.

He siad, just then the Controller arrived.

Controller: What is going on here?

He asked, so Stella told him what happend.

Controller: Good job Delete.

From that day on Stella overcame her fear.

the end.

Gordon's visit

One morning the Controller was sitting in his offiace when he got a call.

"Hello, Sir Topham Hatt" said the Controller.

"Want to barrow Gordon for a bit?" he asked.

"Sure, my engines will be thrilled" said the Controller.

The controller said good by and hung up. At the sheds.

"I have great news for you, a special engine from Sodor will be visiting for a few days" he said.

They were confused.

"Who is the engine sir?" asked Anna.

"Wait and see, now off you go to work" he said and left.

So they left, at noon Anna was sitting in a siding when a blue blur rushed by.

"What was that?" wondered Anna.

"Don't know but it looks like the thing is heading for the station, lets follow it" said the Driver.

So they headed to the station, as they pulled up along side she gasped.

"Your...." she stammerd.

The engine looked at her.

"I'm Gordon, nice to meet you" said Gordon.

With that Gordon set off, that night when the engines returned to the sheds the Controller was waiting for them.

"Alow me to introduce Gordon the Express engine" said the controller.

Gordon then puffed up.

"Nice to be here" said Gordon.

The engines stared.

"Is that the real engine!" exclaimed Jen.

"It is, FlyingScottsmans only brother left" said the Controller.

"Wow" said Scot.

The next day the Controller came to the sheds.

"Gordon, you must remember that while your here, if your told to do any job you obay and listen to the one who gave the order, like me" said the Controller.

"Verry well, but i draw the line at shunting cars, and shunting in sidings" said Gordon.

So Gordon was told to work with Lincoln in the Quarry. What they did not know was that a great evil was in the works.

"Soon, Quarry gold will be all mine, an nothing scrooge can do to stop me" said a voice.

"Magica, engines coming" came a crow.

"Blast, darn engines!" exclaimed Magica.

Magica disappeared as they entered Gordon felt an odd feeling.

"Something wrong, Gordon?" asked Lincoln.

"Nothing" said Gordon.

As they set off to work, they were spied on by Magica.

"Now hunt for gold will take longer" said Magica.

"True" said Poe.

"Steam engines were to have go in 1960's, why they around I will never know" griped Magica.

Later Gordon was resting in a siding next to a rock face, at the top Magica was prepareing to cause a rock slide.

"This will be most fun" sniggered Magica.

"Something bothering you?" asked Gordon's Driver.

"I have a feeling something bad will happen" said Gordon.

Then he, the Driver, and Fireman heard a rumbling sound, they knew what the sound meant.

"ROCK SLIDE!" Exclaimed the Driver.

The Driver and Fireman made it into Grodon's cab as rocks landed on Gordon, a few minutes later Gordon was buried from wheels to funnel in rocks.

"HELP!" called Gordon from with in.

A near by worker saw what had happened and went for help. Soon Lincoln and Jen were clearing away the rocks. In no time at all Gordon could breath again.

"You alright Gordon?" asked a worried Jen.

"Yes, thanks you two for getting me out" said Gordon.

Later Gordon was at the station when Scott came up.

"Hello, Gordon" said Scott.

"Hello, just waiting for some coaches" said Gordon.

"The coaches right now are all being used" said Scott.

Then Lincoln pulled up.

"Were are most of your passengers?" asked Gordon.

Lincoln sighed.

"The passengers that come from the island of Sodor, are the only passengers we get now" said Lincoln sadly.

"Why?" asked Scott.

"There used to be a long bridge that like the one on your railway, Gordon, connected the MTCR to the mainland, engines used to come and go using that bridge" said Lincoln.

"What happened?" asked Gordon.

"One day the bridge was completely destroyed, cutting us off from the mainland, as such most of the near 30 stations we had shut down till this and the transfer station that you guys bring passengers is all that's left." said Lincoln.

"And that is how we have stayed open for passengers, the line leading to the bridge has been unfortunately been lost to time" said the Controller walking up.

"If we can find that line and rebuild the bridge it would bring us in more passengers" sighed Lincoln.

Then the Stationmaster ran up.

"Gordon, Scott, Glenda has come off the rails and is in a field, they need the breakdown train right away" said the Stationmaster.

"Were on are way, come Gordon I will led you to are breakdown train" said Scott.

As they left, Magica spied on them.

"Seams like are 'acident' made working, is one of my more less smart plans" said Magica to Poe.

"What we do now" asked Poe.

"Is simple, we follow" said Magica.

So she followed, soon Glenda was back on the rails.

"Thanks" said Glenda.

As Gordon was puffing along he saw an old signal box, and a old switch track leading to a overgrown line.

"I wonder what is down there?" pondered Gordon.

"Come on old boy, lets get back to the sheds for sleep" said his Driver.

"I want to see what is down that line" said Gordon.

"You sure?" asked his Driver.

"Yes" said Gordon.

So the switch was thrown and Gordon set off slowly down the line, as he rolled along he was hit with low hanging tree branches, and overgrown bushes, soon they came to a clearing.

"What is all this" wondered Gordon.

"Looks like a old switch yard, and a station" said his driver.

Then Gordon heard a voice.

"Who is there" it came.

"It sounds like it is comeing from that old shed" said Gordon to his Driver.

Soon Gordon was at the shed doors. His Driver opened it.

"W..who are you" came a shaky voice.

"I'm Gordon, who are you?" asked Gordon.

"My name is Ellen the coach" she said Sadly.

She then started crying.

"Why are you here in this old shed" asked Gordons driver.

"When this place closed I was left behind" she sobbed.

Gordon could not help but feel sorry for her.

"I can help you, I will take you to the Controller" said Gordon.

"There is one problem with that" she said.

"What?" asked Gordon.

"I have no wheels, they rusted off years ago" said Ellen.

Gordon then had an idea.

"Is there a working phone near by?" asked Gordon.

"No, sorry" said Ellen.

Then Gordon herd a voice.

"Gordon!, were are you!" came the voice.

Then Lincoln stoped next to him.

"Gordon, you have done the impos.. oh my god" exclaimed Lincoln.

"What" asked Gordon.

"E..Ellen is that you" said Lincoln.

"Don't talk to me" she snapped.

"I'm sorry for leaveing you behind when this station closed" said Lincoln.

"What is going on?" asked Gordon.

"This was an active station years ago" said Lincoln.

"And I was his coach, but he left me here in this shed the day before the station closed!" snapped Ellen.

"I thought I would be able to come back for you, but was not able to" said Lincoln sadly.

"That is no excuse!" she snapped.

Gordon saw Lincoln stare sadly at her.

"Lincoln, go get the controler, wile i saty and watch over her" said Gordon.

"Verry well" he said sadly.

When he was out of sight Gordon spoke to her.

"He had no intent on leaveing you" said Gordon.

"Lies, if you had a coach whould you just leave her and forget about her, makeing her feel like rubbish!" she snapped nearly crying.

Soon Lincoln returned with the controller.

"Well Gordon, i'm surprised" said the controller.

"Why's that?" asked Gordon.

"This used to be the first station yard and station we had" said the controller.

"But we had to close it when the Viaduct to the mainland went" said Lincoln.

"And that is why you left me, you had other more important things to do then care about me" said Ellen.

"Listen Ellen I'm sorry for abandening you" said Lincoln with remorse in his voice.

"Now Ellen, lets get you out of here" said the Controller.

Soon Ellen was on a flatbed, and soon she was being restored. The Controller was pleased.

"I'm pleased with you Gordon, for finding Ellen" said the Controller.

"Don't worry Lincoln i'm sure Ellen can't stay mad at you" said Gordon kindly.

That night the engines were sleeping, when Gordon heard a sound.

"Quiet, Poe, do you want to wake them up" said a voice.

"Who's there!" demanded Gordon.

"Blast!" came the voice.

Soon Gordon saw a shape in the dark.

"Who are you?" asked Gordon.

"The names Magica De Spell, you hunk of junk" said Magica.

"Hunk of junk!, let me tell you that i'm more important then you" sniffed Gordon.

Then Lincoln stired.

"Will meet again" said Magica dissapearing.

"Who were you talking to?" yawned Lincoln.

"Nothing" said Gordon.

"I don't know how to make Ellen like me again" sighed Lincoln.

"Look try to show her that you still care about her" said Gordon.

Next day Lincoln went to see how Ellen was doing.

"Ellen" said Lincoln.

"What are you doing here" sniffed Ellen.

"Please give me one more chance" begged Lincoln.

She thought about it.

"I don't know" said Ellen.

"Please be my coach again" begged Lincoln.

"Will see, first i must be repaired" said Ellen.


"Magica, please tell us again why were here?" asked Cinnamon Teal.

"Yah, why?" asked Camille Chameleon.

"To take out engine, I need you two for job" snapped Magica.

"You mean a sssteam Engine?" asked Camille.

"Exactly" said Magica.

"Quite intersssting" said Camille.

"wHY?" ASKED magica.

"Well, I have alwayss been very fond of Sssteam Enginess, though i have no idea why" said Camille.

"Your here to help take them out not stare at them" sneared Magica.

"Why do you want them gone?" asked Cinnamon Teal.

"So they wont stop me from getting gold from a near by mine" said Magica.

"Gold in a mine, Imposssible" said Camille.

Then Magica heard chuffing sounds.

"Quiet, i hear them" said Magica.

"So any luck?" asked Gordon to Lincoln.

"Posibley" said Lincoln.

As they talked the other three spied on them.

"Ssuch marvolussss thingssss 's'team engine's' are" said Camille amazed.

"Did you hear somthing?" asked Lincoln.

"Nope" said Gordon.

"I heard a stange voice" said Lincoln.

"How strange?" asked Gordon.

"A voice that has a lisp speech" said Lincoln.

Then Magica and Cinamon disapeard, but Camille came out infront of them. this starteled them.

"Who are You?" asked Gordon.

"My name iss Camille Chameleon" said Camille flurshed.

"Well my name is Lincoln" said Lincoln.

"And i'm Gordon the Express engine" said Gordon.

"Were are you from?" asked Lincoln.

She knew she could not tell them the truth so she fibbed.

"America" said Camille.

"Strange" said Gordon.

Camille feeling pressure dissapeard in a cloud of smoke.

"What just happend?" asked Lincolon.

"No clue, come on we have to get back to work" said Gordon.


"Your a criminal, act like it!" snapped Magica to Camille.

"Calm down Magica" said Cinnamon Teal.

"I will not calm down till I get mines gold" said Magica.

Teressa V.S Diesel 10

One Day the controller was setting in his offace when the phone rung so he picked up the phone.

"Hello Sir Topham Hatt, how have you been?" he said.

"Good, listen i have an engine i want to send over to you for a bit" he said.

"Who is it?" asked The controller.

"He goes by the name Diesel 10" he said.

"Why are you sending him here" asked the Controller.

"The Diesel Works is closed while maitnes is going on, and Diesel 10 needs a place to work so i thought you could take him in until the work on the Diesel works is done" said The Fat Controller.

"I can" said the Controller.

"A bit of warning to ya, he can be a hand full" said The Fat Controller.

Later The controller came to the shed.

"A diesel named Diesel 10, will be working with us for a bit" said the controller.

All the engines were confused, all but Teressa.

"So we will meet again, you big bully" she said to herself.

Just then a shower of gold dust appeard.

"What is happening?" asked Lincoln.

Then out of the golddust an engine apperd smileing.

"Who Are you?" asked Jen scared.

"My name is Lady" said Lady.

"She looks just like me" said a stunned Glenda.

"Now is it alright if i stay and help you while Diesel 10 is here?" Lady asked the Controller.

The Controller who was verry surprised agreed.

"Sure" he said.

"Thanks" said Lady.

Then someone steped down from Lady's Cab.

"Names Burnet Stone, i am Lady's Owner, Driver and Fireman" he said.

"Nice to meet you" said the Controller.

Just then The Controller got a call from the dock Manager.

"The Diesel is here sir" said the Dock manager.

"Good" said the controller.

"Sir, can i go and greet Diesel 10?" asked Teressa.

"Ofcourse" he said.

So she set off, soon she pulled up next to Diesel 10.

"I am here to show you around" said Teressa.

"Well it has been a long time since i saw you, Tewessa" smirked Diesel 10.

This made her cross.

"Lets get going" she said sharply.

So they set off, soon they arived back at the sheds.

"Only two Diesels what a bor, but i must say a unique collection of engines" he said.

"There is one more visitor here" said Jen.

"Who?" asked Diesel 10.

"Who do you think" said a voice next to him.

Diesel 10 looked to his right and gasped.

"It cant be you" said a shocked Diesel 10.

"Well it is" said Lady.

Diesel 10 Groweld.

"Now for pay back" he said.

The engines watched as a giant claw came out of Diesel 10, they were scared.

"Pinchy, its crunch time" he said.

But before he could grab Lady, the Controller arived with Burnet Stone.

"Diesel 10, Burnet Stone told me all about you, and while on my railway unless the line is blocked by rubish, and or tree branches. You will not use that Claw you call Pinchy" said the Controller sternly.

Diesel 10 grunted and reconsealed Pinchy.

"Yes, Sir" said Diesel 10.

"Me and Lady will be keeping a close watch on you" said Burnet Stone.

"Hey, Lady want to work together?" asked Glenda.

Lady smilled as she looked at Glenda.

"Ofcourse" said Lady.

So the two set off, in no time they became firm friends.

"So your Magic?" asked Glenda.

"Sort of. Have you heard of gold dust?" asked Lady.

"I think so, i am so happy to find out that i am not the only one of my type left" said Glenda.

Lady smilled.

"I'm glad your happy Glenda, and just maybe i can give you smoe of my magic" said Lady.

"Oh Boy" thought a hopefull Glenda.

Later at the Coaling Plant they were loading cars full of coal when Glenda had a question.

"So Burnet Stone, do you have a rival?' asked Glenda.

"I do, his name is Pete Boom. Better known as P.T Boomer" said Stone.

Then all three heard the sound of a Mortercycle.

"Whats that sound?" wonderd Glenda.

Then Boomer appeard on a Motorbike powerd flatbed.

"Like my new ride, Stone" said Boomer.

"No i dont" said Stone.

"See ya" said Boomer and rode off.

Later Teressa was working at the coaling plant shunting trucks under the hopper, when Diesel 10 pushed her under the coal shute, she shut her eyes as coal poured all over her.

"Diesel 10!!!" roared Teressa.

"Ha, Ha" he laughed.

The manager was not pleased.

"Why are you playing in the Coal Hopper" asked the Manager.

"But i aint play..." said Teressa.

"I dont want to hear you excuses, now Diesel 10 i need you to deliver a train of coal to the docks" said the manager.

"Yes, Sir" smirked Diesel 10.

Teressa was cross. Later Lady and Glenda were takeing a heavy goods train to the docks.

"I will take the back" said Lady.

"Ok" said Glenda.

Soon they were puffing down the line.

"Man it is beautiful out" said Glenda.

Later Lady and Glenda were having a rest in a siding when Jen came up.

"Hello" said Jen.

"Hey, Jen" said Glenda.

"So Lady how do you like the Railway?" asked Jen.

"I like it" said Lady.

Meanwhile Teressa was telling Lincoln about her and Diesel 10.

"Big bully to me he was and is" said Teressa.

"Don't worry i wont let him do anything to bad on my railway" said Lincoln.

Soon night fell all the engines were asleep but for Diesel 10.

"I will soon surprise you all" said Diesel 10 to himself.

Next day Lady and the others woke up. As they did more gold dust appeard.

"What is going on!" exclaimed Glenda.

Lady smilled she knew who it was, soon before them stod a man.

"Who are you?" asked Lincoln.

"Alow me to introduce myself, Mr. Conductor at your service" said Mr. Conductor.

"It is so good to see you again, Mr. C" smilled Lady.

"Hi, Lady" said Mr. Conductor.

Then came a voice. Mr.C knew that voice.

"Hello, Twinkletoes!, remember me! (laughing evilly)" laughed the voice.

He turned around and gasped.

"What are you doing here, Diesel?" asked Mr. Conductor.

So he told him about what happend to him after he fell into the barge.

"Well, i'm here to help Mr.Conductor watch over you" came a voice.

It was Burnet Stone.

"Good to see you again, Burnet Stone, have you been takeing better care of Lady?" asked Mr. Conductor.

"I have" said Burnet Stone.

Then the Controller came up.

"Who are you?" asked the Controller.

So Lady and Burnet told him about Mr. Conductor.

"Well, glad to have you visit us" smilled the Controller.

"Thanks" siad Mr. C.

"Want to follow Me and Lady today?" asked Burnet Stone.


These fan fics are not origanal manuscripts they are updateid versons.

#1. Emily and Bip

(This is not the origanle script, what you are seeing is an edited and improved verson of the original)

(intro to Shining time station starts)

Mr. Conductor: Hello every one this is the start of many storys, so lets begin.

(Mr. Conductor blows his whistle)

It was a nice Spring day on the Island of Sodor, Emily was in a siding having a rest when Sir Topham Hat arrived.

"Emily you are to work at the Coaling plant with Bip". said Sir Topham Hat

"Yes sir" she said and left.

Just then Nix pulled up.

"Hello Nix".

Hello Emily". she said

Then James pulled up he was cross.

"Jamie is just to dumb, i mean to trick me like that". he said.

"James?, What are you talking about". asked Emily.

"My sister has just pull a prank on me". with that he left.

"Nix i need you to work with Rosie". said Sir Topham Hat.

"Ok, Sir". said Nix and left

Soon Emily arrived at the Coaling plant.

"Bip were are you!?" she shouted.

Soon Bip pulled up next to her.

"Hey Emily how have things been?" asked Bip

"Verry good Bip" she said.

So they set off to work.

"I sometimes fell happy when i am with you". she said.

"Whys that?" asked Bip.

"No reason Bip" she said blushing a little.

Soon she started to shunt some trucks of coal.

"Come along trucks no nonsense". she said happily.

So tthe Trucks played no tricks, later Emily saw Nina in a siding at the plant.

"Hi Nina, what are you doing here?" asked Emily as she pulled up next to her

"Oh! hi Emily, i came here for a rest". she said

After a small chat, Emily went back to her work, later Emily was talking to Tina.

"Are you having fun with Bip?" she said in a calm voice.

"Yes! I am haveing fun with him, thanks for asking. I think Bip is so cute." she said.

"What do you mean by that?" asked Tina.

Emily was to nerrvous to tell Tina that she was in love with Bip.

"I am sorry Tiina but i have to get to work." she said

Later Emily was in a siding when the foremen came up.

"Emily! Bip has had an accident and needs your help" he said.

"What happen?" asked Emily.

"He has come off the rails and is blocking both lines, also Saturn the new engine cant get throgh". he said

Emily was surprised at this and set out at once to find Rocky and save Bip.

"I hope Bip ain't hurt" she said.

By the time Emily got to Bip he was verry upset and Saturn was cross.

"You there can you clear the the line for me i must met Sir Topham Hat". she said.

So Emily bufferd up to Bip and with Rocky's help Bip was soon put back on track.

"About Time!, now i hope i am not late". she said and puffed off.

"Thanks for getting me back on track"he said.

"Your wellcome Bip" she said blushing.

And with that she took him back to his shed, when they got there she had to ask Bip an important question.

"Bip do you like me?". she asked.

"You mean as a friend?" he said.

"I mean like more then a friend" she said shyly.

Bip then knew what Emily had ment.

"Of course i Love you" he said.

This made Emily verry happy.

"Thank you Bip, now to give you a surprise close your eyes". she said.

So Bip did, Emily gave Bip a kiss on the lips witch lasted for 1 minniet.

"Ain't that sweet" Wispered Nina to Tina.

"It sure is sister" she wispered back.

Just then Lady pulled up. next to Nina and Tina.

"What are you four doing?" she asked.

So Emily told her about her and Bip.

"Well i am glad to see you two as one". she said.

Then Thomas pulled up.

"Lady Fatty just told me that your sister named Flip will be comeing soon". he said.

Lady looked upset.

"Well this is just great". she said.

From that day on Bip and Emily's love would prosper.

(Steam comes to end the story)

Mr. Conductor: I hope you enjoyed the story.

(End theme to Shining time station starts)

#2. Toby and Rosie

(Not the orignal script)

(Theme to shining time station starts)

Mr. Conductor: Hello every one ready for are second story.

(Mr. Conductor blows his whistle)

It was a nice summers day on the island, Toby was resting in his shed when STH arived.

Toby: Good morning sir.

STH: Good morning Toby, today i want you to go help Salty and Rosie at the docks.

Toby: Yes sir.

He said and set off, soon he arived at the docks.

Salty: Morning Toby.

Toby: good morning Salty, Where is Rosie?

Salty: she is aranging a train.

Just then Rosie pulled up, she was werry happy to see Toby.

Rosie:(Blushes) Hey Toby glad you could help out.

Just then then dock manager came to see them.

Manager: Toby i need you to help Rosie shunt some trucks, and when you are both done with your job, you can share a shed here at the docks tonight.

This made Rosie verry happy.

Rosie: YAY! Toby arn't you excited to share a shed with me?

But Toby said nothing and went to start his work, Rosie was confused, and set off to help shunt trucks. That night Toby and Rosie who were tired backed into there shed.

Rosie: We did well today.

She said to him, he still said nothing, Rosie was a little sad that he was silent to her.

Rosie: Toby i jsut wan't to say that i lo...

She stoped when she looked over and saw him sleeping. This upset her even more, the next morning she left sadly to start her work.

Rosie: I realy love you Toby, i wish we could be together forever.

She said with tears in her eyes and set of to work, 2 hours later Toby woke up.

Toby: Morning Rosie.

He said, but was surprised to not see Rosie next to him.

Toby: Were did Rosie go?

He was puzzeld, just then he saw Garret puff by with some trucks. He stoped him to see if he knew were Rosie was.

Toby: Have you seen Rosie anywhere?

Garret: I saw her 2 hours ago, She was crying so i asked her what was wrong.

Toby: what did she say?

Garret: She toled me that she was crying cause you would not talk to her last night. Now she thinks you don't wan't anything to do with her. Rosie also said that she does not want you to search for her, she then left with a train of trucks.

Toby: I must find her and tell her that i love her.

He set off to find Rosie and her trucks. meanwhile Rosie was puffing along the line. She was still upset.

Rosie: Why doe's Toby not like me.

She said sadly. Then there was trouble, Rosie was not looking were she was going. Rosie shut her eyes as she lerched off the rails and into a muddy pool, mud flew all over Rosie.

Rosie: Oh No!, now i will never tell Toby that i love him.

She said sadly and started to cry. Rosie was still crying when Toby came up to her.

Toby: Rosie i am so glad to have found you.

Rosie: Stay away from me Toby.

Toby: please forgive me Rosie, the reason i would not speak tto you is cause i was to nervis. I love you Rosie.

He said, this made Rosie verry happy.

Rosie:(Blushes) I love you to Toby, now can you please get me back on the rails.

In no time at all Rosie's wheels were back on firm rails.

Rosie: Thank you Toby.

That night at the sheds Toby was talking to Rosie, Then she gave him a long and deep kiss.

Toby: Thank you for the kiss Rosie.

Just then Henry raced by being chased by a chocolate goverd Gordon.


Henry: Can't catch me.

(Steam comes to end the story)

Mr. Conductor: So did you enjoy the story?, if you did then stay tuned for story # 3.

(End theme to Shining time station starts)

#3. Lady and Thomas

(theme to Mr. Conductor's Thomas tales starats)

Mr. Conductor: Wellcome glad you could join us.

(Mr. Conductor blows his whistel)

It was a bright summer's day on the Island of Sodor, Thomas was at Ffaquarr sheds when STH arived.

STH: Thomas today i wan't you to work at the coaling plant with Tina.

Thomas: yes sir.

And he set off, he hoped to see Lady again cause quite resently he has been haveing 'Naughty' dreams about her, soon he was at the coaling plant.

Tina: Thanks for comeing Thomas, jsut so you know there is a surprise for you here.

Thomas: And what would that be?

Lady: (Blushes) Hello Thomas.

Thomas: (wispering) Thank you lord.

Just then her sister pulled up.

Flip: So you must be Thomas, nice to meet you, names Flip.

Thomas: Nice to meet you Flip, so Lady what are you doing here?

Lady: Wanted some time away from the magic railroad.

Thomas: well want to help me out?

Lady:(Blushes depper) sure Thomas.

Soon they were at work.

Lady: can you come to muffel mountain later?

Thomas: sure i can.

Just then Diesel 10 was shunting some trucks under under the hopper, but he rolled to far and ended underneath the shute.

Diesel 10: Uh oh.

Coal then poured down on him.

Diesel 10: Now thats going to ruin my faceial.

Thomas, Flip, and Lady tried not to laugh but could not help.

Diesel 10: Go F*ck your selfs.

Lady: see you later Thomas.

She said Happily, Lady was trying to figure out how to tell Thomas how she felt.

Lady: Should i offer him some coal first?, or should i just come right out and explain my feelings for him.

She said, later that day Thomas was pulling some coal trucks up Gordon's hill. Then there was trouble, the trucks wanting some fun pushed him down the hill.

Trucks: On!, On!, On!.

Thomas: Stop pushing!.

Thomas tried to stop them but it was to late the trucks pushed Thomas into a train of flour that Rosie was caring. Flour flew all over Thomas and Rosie, She was verry cross.

Rosie: What in the hell Thomas, I just got these flour trucks in order, now i am going to be late for my date with Toby.

Thomas: What is F***ing wrong with you trucks.

But the trucks just laugh, the driver went for help. Soon STH came to see Lady.

STH: Lady Thomas has had an accident.

Lady was shocked at this info.

Lady: Don't worry sir i will go to help.

She said and left, soon she arived with the break down train.

Thomas: I am so glad to see you Lady.

So Lady put him back on the rails, and then took him to her home on Muffle Mountain.

Thomas: thanks for bringing me here Lady.

Lady: your wellcome.

Thomas: So what do you want to talk about?

Lady: i actuly have something important to tell you.

Thomas: What would that be?

Lady: Well..... I love you.

She said, this shocked Thomas after a few moments of silence she starded to cry thing that he did not return his fellings for her.

Thomas: Lady please don't cry, Because i love you to, i was stuned by your beauty the first time i saw you.

Lady: you were?

Thomas: Yes.

Then they stared into eachothers eyes and kissed, when they broke the kiss they smiled at eachother.

Flip: Well this is a good thing to see.

The next day they both worked happily together along side Lincoln, just then STH arived.

STH: I have been told by Flip that you two have found love, am i right?

Thomas: You are correct sir.

After a hards day work, they arived at Lady's home.

Lady: Thanks for getting me home.

Thomas: your welcome.

Lady: Do you want to come in for a bit?

Thoms: Sure.

Soon it was time for Thomas to head back to Tidmouth sheds.

Thomas: See you later Lady.

Lady: Thomas do you think we can kiss one last time before you go?

Thomas: Sure.

So they kissed, the kiss lasted for 3 minutes, then they broke the kiss.

Thomas: I love you Lady.

Lady: I love you to Thomas.

She said, Tears were starting to form in her eyes.

Thomas: Please don't start to cry Lady, I will try to come and visit you when i can.

Lady: Do you mean that Thomas?

Thomas: of course i do.

He said and left. The next night he whent to see Lady. Lady had just got done haveing a washdown when she heard nocking on the door.

Lady: I wonder who that can be.

So she opend the door.

Lady: what are you doing here Thomas?

Thomas: Can i come in?

Lady: sure.

Thomas and Lady sit and chat.

Thomas: Lady i have an important question to ask you.

Lady: And what whould that be?

Thomas: Do you wan't to be my girlfriend?

Ladys eyes lit up.

Lady: Of course i will nothing would make me more happyer then toy be your girlfriend.

(Steam comes to end the story)

Mr conductor: Hope you enjoyed the story and see you soon.

(End theme to shining time station starts)

#4. Nina in Love

(Theme to Mr conductors Thomas tales start)

Mr conductor: Oh hello ready to start.

(Mr conductor blows his whistle)

One day in winter, Percy was in a siding when Connie pulled up to him.

Connie: Hi Percy.

Percy: Oh hi Connie, I just came here to get some water.

Connie: Nina is waiting at the wharf she needs your help.

With that he set off to the wharf, soon he was at the Wharf when Nina came up to him.

Nina: Hi Percy! I am so glad your here to help me.

Her cheeks started to turn red.

Percy: Hey Nina what do you need my help on.

Nina: (Blushes) Oh nothing i just wanted to work with you.

Percy: well then lets get started.

Later Percy was takeing a special, he started thinking of Nina.

Percy: I wonder how Nina is doing with out me?

Nina: I hope Percy gets back here sooon.

She said the trucks spotted a chance for a tease.

Trucks: I wish Percy was here.

They giggeld, this upset her.

Nina: Shut up.

Percy: What is wrong Nina?

Nina: Oh nothing.

She said, Nina had to ask Percy something.

Nina: Can we talk in privet later?

Percy: sure Nina.

later she was in a siding crying when James pulled up.

James: What is wrong Nina?

Nina: (crying) I am in love with Percy but i can not get up the courage to tell him that.

James new what to say in a situation like this.

James: get up cpurage and tell him, the best way is to ease the words out.

Nina: Are you sure James?

James: Yes i am sure.

Nina: Thanks for your advice.

And James left knowing he did good, later Percy was looking for Nina.

Percy: Nina were are you!

He shouted, he did not know that Diesel 10 had kidnapd Nina.

Nina: Can you please let me go!

She begged.

Diesel 10: No can do. You will make fine scrap indead. Splodge come to me now.

Splater: Yes, boss.

Dodge: What do you need us to do.

Diesel 10: I want you to watchout for any unwelcomed visiters.

Splodge: As you wish.

They said and left.

Diesel 10: what to do for fun. I know.

He said, and pulled out Pinchy.

Diesel 10: Time for fun.

He said, and started scareing Nina with Pinchy.

Nina: Please no more Pinchy.

She pleaded and started to cry, He was not listening. Meanwhile Percy was talking to Pip and Emma.

Percy: How have you two been?

Pip: Just fine.

Just then Emma remberd somthing.

Emma: Percy we saw earlyer today, Diesel 10 taking Nina to the scrap Yards.

They said and Percy raced off. On the way he saw Bell.

Percy: Bell i need your help.

Bell: What do you need?

Percy: Come with me to the Scrap Yards, i will explain everything on the way.

He said, and they set off.

Bell: We must save her.

Soon they arrived at the Scrap Yards. Percy saw that Splater and Dodge were blocking the door, Percy blew his whistle as loud as he could. It was so loud it made Splater and Dodge jump.

Splater: What was that?

Dodge: It's only Percy and Bell.

Percy: Let me through.

Splater: No.

Jsut then Diesel 10 came to see what was going on.

Diesel 10: Why are you here Percy!?

Percy: Release Nina at once.

Diesel 10: I won't. Splodge! take care of these two will you. I have an engine to scrap.

Splodge: Yes boss.

But just as Diesel 10 started back to the Smeltting shed, he herd a crashing sound. He looked to see Splater and Dodge laying on there sides.

Diesel 10: You idiots.

Just then Percy and Bell smashed a flatbed of tires into him, nocking him out.

Percy: Now to save Nina.

He said, soon he found Nina.

Nina: Please get me out of here.

So he coupled up to her. and they set off, soon they were a long ways away from the Scrap Yards.

Nina: Thanks for saveing me Bell and Percy.

Bell: Your welcome.

Nina: Percy can i talk to you in privet?

Percy: Sure.

Bell leaves.

Nina: I love you Percy.

Percy: And i love you.

And with that they kissed.

(Steam comes to end the story)

Mr. Conductor: Come back soon.

(End theme to shining time station starts)

#5. Gordon and Tina

(Theme to Shining time station starts)

Mr. Conductor: Hello, in this story. Tina gets a certin express engine in mixed emotions.

(Mr. Conductor blows his whistle)

It was a fine morning on the island of sodor, Gordon was at Knapford waiting with the Express when Tina pulled up.

Tina: Hello Gordon.

Gordon: Hello Tina, what jobs do you have today?

For you see Tina was the only tank engine he respected.

Tina: Grodon can i spend some time with you later today?

Gordon: let me cheeck my timetable and i will get back to you.

Tina: Alright Gordon.

She said happily and set off.


Status: good.

Comeing soon: #5 Gordon and Tina. (On Hiatus till further notice)

Compleated: #4. Nina in love


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