Nix is a private owner engine who oftens visits Sodor when an engine is not available for work or to help out with the heavy workload the North Western Railway often goes throught and she often brings in passengers from the Other Railway.





LNER Reid D34 "Glen" class


William Reid

Build date




Arrived on Sodor



She was built as a private owner engine in 1911, often used for passengers but also goods. In 1920, following an accident she was rebuilt to a Reid NBR Class K. In 1923, the North Western Railway was having trouble with engines, so she was sent to help out, replacing the naughty 87546. After James arrived she left to the LNER again. She came back to help in 1953 during Edward's overhaul, and the Fat Controller often depends on her to be available as a 'loaned' engine. Returning to the Other Railway was not easy, and she was shunted into shunting or goods duties. By 1961, she was the only of her class left. She had an accident in 1964 that nearly put her out of service, but luckily, Henry and Gordon had heard of this and asked the Fat Controller to repair her considering all her hard work to help them out.

Now-a-days she usually brings passengers from London, Wales and Scotland to Barrow-in-Furness that want to travel on the Island of Sodor.




Nix is a very reliable engine who always does her work without complaints, even with the situation is bad. She is friendly, and always ready to help out.


She is based on a Reid D34 'Glen'.


She is currently in NWR black with red and yellow lining, her name on her splasher in yellow with red border, 13 in yellow in red border, "NWR" written on her tender.


  • Her number is an in-joke; the BR numbers only went up to 62498.



  • Thanks to the LNER encyclopedia and Rail UK for images and information.

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