Neptune Island named after the engines' designer Neptune Clive Adam.


It was found on a boat trip by Neptune Clive Adam in 1870. In 1875, his first design started. Its first engines, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Sun, and Saturn were built in 1877. Saturn was finished a slight before Sun, but were shipped in 1882. The others came in a month later. Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Earth were built in 1880 and arrived 1881 while Nix arrived just a few months later. Nix was crashed in 1910, 15 years after she started working. Saturn was sent away in 1904. In 1927 the railroad was in danger of closing. The poulation was low and Stations old too. it shut down in 1929. Thomas cleared away the Island in 1930 and found Nix. The railroad is expected to re-open between 1942-1950.


It is also rumoured that one more expiremental design existed.


It only has one railway, the Neptune Planetarian Railway, which has several operation lines.


A book called Neptune Planetrain Railroad; Engines. History, and People should come after the seventh or eighth season.


  • The story of Pluto, Nix told is unknown if true.
  • The Island is 70 miles north-south, and 75 miles east-west.
  • It is named after Neptune Clive Adam.